Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Coming...

Christmas that is....
Today I dragged my sick butt from bed and took the kids to Stephenville to see "A Christmas Carol"... I am totally on the fence about the movie.. I found it hard to understand at times and a bit scary for the little ones (they ended up in my lap)... but the message was there and overall it was a fun day.

I can say though that I am SO not ready for Christmas this year... usually I would be shopping and getting things done, this year not so much. I feel like it's sneaking up on me way too fast. I have told the kids though we are toning it WAY down this year and not going out of control with gifts and such.

I am still feeling yucky, and probably should have just stayed in bed today but I had told the kids I would take them out so I did. sigh. I think I'll pay for it now though... I went to the dr. on Friday because my throat is still sore... she gave me a nice little shot in my butt and said if she had known I didn't just have strep she would say I'm having a relapse of the flu (that is what I feel like it is, I feel the same as last time, just not so butt kicking as before)... so I have more meds and more Tamiflu. I have to go back again tomorrow if it's not better, which I don't think it will be. I just want to be well already damn it!
Ok enough of the sickies... here's some crafty goodies!

Here is one of my Jillibean layouts for the month using the Split Pea Collection.

and then here is my CPS (#140) card... Close to my Heart was our sponsor! (SO generous!)

Blogger is acting all funny with putting in links and photos... is it that way for anyone else? So that's the reason I haven't been putting in all the supply lists with links, sorry!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Tara said...

So sorry you're still under the weather. One would think a shot in the butt should sort it out though!
Do you take vitamins? I'm not super fanatical about them, but when I feel something coming on, I bombard my body with them and it seems to work.

Diana said...

man! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, I sure hope that shot works for ya! Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations!

Sandi said...

Everything is beautiful! But, that star is AWEEEEEEEESOME!!!!!!!!

Now, GO, REST! GET WELL!!!!!!!