Monday, May 31, 2010

Something FUN is coming...

I'm so excited to be joining this team... for sure fun stuff coming your way! Check back on June 3rd for the reveal! yeah!!

We have been super busy around here with all the end of the year activities... but I am THRILLED to say that summer has begun for us!!!
We spent the weekend at the lake and just hanging out! I have some awesome lake pictures that I'm sure you will see coming up on layouts very soon!
It won't be all lazy though... the older three have summer workouts EVERY morning but Friday
JOY... not.
We have a full summer already with camps and workouts and such but I'm hoping to fill the off days with more lake trips, and Six Flags!

Here is a layout I did about my daughter Madison who will turn 13 here very shortly! sigh... she is so beautiful and it just blows my mind that she will be an official teenager. She is counting the day until she can wear makeup, I try to tell her she doesn't need it and to be happy she is so naturally beautiful but regardless she can't wait to wear it.... even though I know my Mads and she will be careful with it.
Everything here is Jillibean Soup:

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Have a great Memorial Day... we will spend the day at a friends swimming and bbq'ing!
Please keep in mind today all of the solidiers that are not with their families today and those that have fallen to give us all the freedoms we do have!
God Bless!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me! :)

Yep... today I celebrate the 8th anniversary of my 29th Bday!
enough of that... now onto the good stuff! :)

Imaginisce was wonderful enough to send the Core'dinations team tons of awesome goodies to play with... here are a few things I came up with!

Here I did some triple duty and combined the Core, Imaginisce, and fun products from the Deal of the Month from Creative Charms!!

Don't have real plans for the bday today... I will *surprise* be spending my evening at the ball fields with the boys and their games! LOL

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Check it Out!

I'm excited (although a little late) to participate in the GinaK Monthly Challenge blog Hop! I got the chance to play with Tami's "Oh Boy" stamp set... how cute is this set?
I did a few projects that you can see here

The challenge was to use your favorite movie as inspiration... one of my FAVE movies (don't laugh) is Urban Cowboy... the pick up truck from Tami's truck was perfect for my card! Here it is:

and to see more projects from Tami's guest designers using the Oh Boy! set check out the links below.
Laura Williams
Jen Buck
Linda Beeson

Check this out! This is a great deal from Creative Charms, they offer such cute little embellishments and this is a great way to get lots of cute embellishments at a great price!

Green Gradient Gem Stickers
Sage Green Vintage Brads
Black & Green Shimmer Flowers
Green & White Shimmer Flowers
Black & White Shimmer Flowers
White 3D Sparkly Garden Brads
Green Gem Garden
Green Fancy Polka Dot Ribbon
Large White Sparkled Butterfly
Large Green Sparkled Butterfly
2 Small White Sparkled Butterfly
2 Small Green Sparkled Butterfly

All for only $8.99! It’s over a $30 retail value

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!

First off HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the wonderful mommies out there!!! I hope your day is filled with lots of joy!!

I wanted to share this video that Noel found and used as our challenge over on the Noel Mignon challenge blog. We were challenged to watch the video and use it as inspiration for our layout! I decided to use this challenge to tell my mom just how wonderful she is and how much I love her so!!
This video totally make me tear up... listen to the words, they are SO true!

and here is my layout: (I used an older Noel Mignon kit "Lovely Day" for this)
Check out the Noel Mignon Challenge blog to see the other DT girls take on the challenge!

Next up I just wanted to share these new pictures I took of the kids and give a little shout out to each of them.

Morgan my oldest. Wow... I can hardly believe this gorgeous kid will be starting high school next year. The time seriously goes so fast. I love you Morgan... I love that you take the time with the little kids to make them feel special (your sibs and others too).. I like that you always tell me thank you for the things I do for you... I love that you will still hold my hand and kiss me gbye everyday when you get out of the car. Love you bug!!

Madison my sweet oldest daughter. It's hard to imagine you are almost 13!! You have grown up SO much this year and are really starting to blossom into such a wonderful young lady. I love to see your spunk, the way you will put up for yourself and others around you, the way you will stick to the things you know are right and turn your back on things that aren't, I love that you have a soft heart for animals. I'm so very proud of you! love you squirrel!

Mitchell, my middle son. You are becoming a young man right before my eyes! I love that you are who you are and make no bones about it. The more you grow the more and more you look like your momma, we are one in the same. I love your kind and gentle heart, the way you look at me and share your thoughts. I love you Mitch!

oooh Kenna! The "official" oldest of the twins (by 7 whopping minutes)... you are just a spitfire. You have so much spunk about you and are so outgoing. There is never a dull moment with you and to say that you talk constantly would really be an understatement! lol Love you sis!

And last but not least Matthew.. the youngest baby! You are 100% boy from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, just go go go! I love that you still curl up with my on the couch and that you still need "mommy time". Love you Deeds!

I am SO VERY blessed to be ya'lls momma!!

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Happy Mothers Day to you all!

Friday, May 7, 2010

So glad it's FRIDAY!!

I'm just so glad that this week has come to a close... it's been a doozy!

First off... teenagers... enough said. sigh

Then it's been all about basebal and softball this week!
My little scrawny Matthew played catcher last night and really kicked some butt at it too... so proud! Then he scored on a bunt down the first base line... a few overthrows and one fast kid makes for a homerun!
Of course I was a screaming idiot in the stands excited!

Tonight is Kenna's softball game and then we head to Relay for Life. We walk for my dad who died of stomach cancer a few years ago and for the Pastor at our church.
In the morning is yet another baseball game for Mitchell.... then I *think* we don't have anything else planned for the weekend!!
I am hoping to have somewhat of a nice relazing Mothers Day Weekend!

Now for one of my Jillibean Soup projects that went up on the blog this week:

*now... don't pass out... YES I do realize that this is a 2 pager... and I am so damn proud of myself for it, here are lots of pictures of it... hehe*

for the "fun" part of the title: I simply wrote out in pencil the word fun and used my microtip scissors to cut it out... I love the look of the handmade title!

The leaves on the handmade flowers are cut from the Jillibean Soup Canvas Flowers:

Here is my CPS card for the week, we were sponsored by Taylored Expressions. I love the whimsical stamps they have, I can see myself using this set over and over again!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

a double BDAY!! and Happy NSD!!


My babies turn 8 today! It is so hard to believe that 8 years ago I was sitting in the hospital room staring at these two amazing little people that I just brought into the world.
I remember crying a lot in the hospital room because I just wanted to go home and be with the other kids and Jay... (they were 3,4, and 6 at the time)... I wanted some "backup" with Jay instead of doing it all alone in the hospital. wow... what a crazy time that was for me...

Here they are when they were about 2 when we were living in Germany:

and here they are just the other day:

I often get asked, when did you find out you were having twins?
Well I'll share (skip past this if you just came for the crafts.. hehe)
I had a routine appt. coming up and I really thought that something was different with this pregnancy, I was hugging the toilet NONSTOP and i barely did with the first 3 pregnancies... and friends would say "wouldn't that be funny if you are having twins?"... HA.. um NO it wouldn't.. I at the time had a 2,4, and 5 year old at home and the thought of that make me a bit insane.

Well the first appt. the dr thought she heard 2 heartbeats and called a tech in and they listened on each side and they must have been beating together cause it only sounded like one heartbeat.
Next appt. the dr didn't take me seriously and just listened and let me go. Grrr... well I convinced her (sob story) to give me an ultrasound.

So at 18 weeks I go in for an ultrasound... Jay is at home watching the other short ones. I go in.. she puts it on my stomach and my first reaction was (in my head) "WTH?? um.. that looks like 2 heads... but surely that's not what I think it is.. I mean I don't know what I'm looking at right?"

the tech says "Yep there THEY are... twin A and twin B... hold on let me look.. yep and boy and a girl..."

by this time it was more like WT*?? I instantly started bawling and crying and bawling some more.... the tech didn't realize that I had no idea up until that moment she told me... sigh... so I pretty much cried through the whole exam with a mixture of shock, excitment, shock some more and then a bit more shock.

then i drive home to tell Jay... now keep in mind we wanted a girl so we would have 2 boys and 2 girls... so I go upstairs to tell him and he can see I had been crying and asked what's wrong? is it a boy?....
I said "yes.. it's a boy.. and a girl TOO!"

he almost died on the spot I swear it... he said "oh sh*t, no sh*t, whoa sh*t".. pretty much every version you can think of and just stood shell shocked for a long time!
The other three kids said
Morgan (5 yrs): "Wow mom now there will be 7 of us!"
Madison (4 yrs): "yeah... you get a boy and I get a girl!"
Mitchell (2 yrs): *crying now* "I WANT ONE TOO!!!"

love it! and so now through all the insanity they are 8 years old... how crazy it is.. that 1 I survived all these years and 2 that time just passes way too quickly!

anywho.. that's my story... now onto to some crafts! :)

I wanted to share some cards I did using some goodies from a new company Creative Charms

On this card I used the Blooming Garden Pink and the Brown Velvet Ric-Rac... I love all the detail on these cute little butterflies!

For my next card I used the Shimmer Flowers with Pearls, BW Sequin Flowers (how awesome are these!!!), and the Gradient Gem Stickers....

Hope everyone is having a super scrappy day!!
I will be sitting at the ball fields all day for opening ceremonies and the boys games! Then I plan to get a cake and come home and celebrate the twins bday and try to make the day special for them!!

HAPPY NSD!! I hope you all find some awesome deals and shop like crazy! hehe...
Thanks for stopping by!