Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A month late...

but better late than never right? lol
I have done a couple Halloween layouts lately... and I still feel like doing more! Here are a couple I have done using my new obsession kit... lol

We are gearing up for Thanksgiving here. I am excited to have family come in and spend the weekend!! The kids are I are going to bake pumpkin rolls and goodies tomorrow and everyone is coming in on Thursday, we probably won't eat the big dinner until Friday though! so excited!
Morgans team won the 2nd game of the season last night on the road. I just love watching him play, he really has some talent playing basketball! I am hoping to take the camera next week and get some pictures. I don't do well with my camera at games... I'm one of those yelling moms (positive yelling) but yelling still and the camera distracts me! lol But I always hate for a season to go by and not to get any pictures!
Sign ups for Mitchell and Matthew for bball should be soon, just something else to add to my ever growing schedule... once the kids get home from school we pretty much are never home!!! It makes the sit down family dinners that we are used to very difficult for sure!!
Alright peace out homeys!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I survived it!!!

I did it!
I made it!

Yesterday my oldest son turned 13 *gasp* and we had a party for him out here on the property. There were about 25 kids total including my own 5... it was a lot of fun though!
It's SO much different at this age though, I wanted to play games and have activities, you know where everyone leaves with a goodie bag etc...NOT.

Morgan didn't want to do anything but just sit around and talk. So we built a small bonfire and they basically sat around chatting and talking for hours.. roasted smores.. and we blared the music. They all seemed happy with just that too! I guess they just enjoy time out of school that they can all just hang around and have a good time and enjoy each other.
I only got a few pictures.. but they are some good ones! lol

In other news... Have ya'll seen that Glitz Designs is starting to show sneak peeks?? If not, run don't walk over to the Blog and check them out... I myself can't wait to get ahold of them and play!!

I'll have more to share this week... I have been on a creating roll!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I was busy this morning once again and got 2 layouts with the Noel Mignon kit done I wanted to share!!

It's article time over at Busy Bee Scrapbooking, I wrote an article on clear stuff! (go figure, lol!) Check it out here!
Here is the layout I did for it. I used one of the 12" Heavy Overlays from Pageframes and cut it with my wavy trimmer, then used my scissors to trim one of the bursts from the sheet and used it as an embellishment.

Thanks for looking!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Check it out!

Over at the Dream Street Blog we are featuring different collections each month! This month we are featuring Mairzy Doats, Cookies -n- Cream, and Mod Posy.... go and check out what the design team did with these collections, you'll be amazed!!! Here was mine with the Cookies -n- Cream line!

I'm still playing with my kit until the next 2 arrive... I'll have a couple more to show in a couple days...
This do it yourself stuff is for the birds I swear it!
I signed the girls up for dance classes finally since moving here and they are now full on boogie students M, T, and W... I thought that would be safe enough since Morgans (football) games were usually on Thursdays and I was hoping that basketball games would follow suit.
Ha... go on laugh...
nope! They are on Mondays! grrrr
Tonight was the first game... so right after the girls were done at dance at 5pm (granted I picked them up directly from school) and then go straight to Morgans game which is over an hour away... I arrive JUST as the game is ending... I was so disappointed! I know I can't physically be in 2 places at once, but I just hate missing games. Makes me feel like a shitty parent... even though I know it's impossible to be two places at the same time, it still sucks!
I have to say though I am SO proud of Morgan for making the A team!! Go Mo!!
More later...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Addiction....

Oh man.. okay so I discovered this new kit and I have bought 3 of them in the last week or so (one was from forgotton paypal money!! lol)... and I am in love.
Noel Mignon (and no I don't design there.. just doing some good enabling) :)

I whipped out 3 layouts real quick with and thought I'd share! Here are 2 of them, one I did I submitted and I submitted it general and CK picked it up! so giddy excited about that!

I just got back from a long weekend at moms, boy did we have fun!!! Jay was TDY in San Antonio and the we haven't seen him since August so we drove down so we could all spend time together and since mom lives in SA we stayed there.

I had a fabulous day hanging out with mom. We went to 2 scrap stores, and oh it was nice to actually FEEL stuff after not having an LSS for many months, then we went to dinner with my little sister and brother. Good stuff! I managed to not spend much at all either, no idea why but just didn't.

That's all for now! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween goodness!

We went out trick or treating on Saturday night instead of Friday night this year... Friday night was spent at the big Eastland/Cisco football game instead! (gotta love small towns!)

The boys were Ninja's...

Makenna was Hannah Montana of course!

And Madison was Minnie Mouse...

Morgan... well Morgan is just way too cool to dress up ;)
It ain't pretty but they loved making it! I picked up one of these Haunted House making kits at WalMart and the kids had a blast putting it together. I'm not sure if more candy was eaten or put on the house! Either way...I think it turned out cute!

What to do on a Saturday when there are no games to go to, and nothing else to do during the day?
Masking tape roads of course!!

Thank goodness for my daycare days I tell ya!
The kids were thrilled to pull out the hot wheel cars and go to town on this little ditty I whipped up using my handy dandy masking tape! (notice the parking lots too! ;) )
Anywho... that's all for us... I'll be back to share more projects soon... been a bit on a card making kick lately trying to find the mojo for the layouts!