Thursday, June 19, 2008

Glitz Sneak Peek!!!

Oh wow...these ladies at Glitz have really outdone themselves this time!!
Check out the Glitz blog for tons of sneak peeks!!!

I am up at Chris' now and just loving the relaxing and hanging out with the kids. It was a long drive, and I'm not a big fan of driving to boot!
Jay picks up the truck on this coming Monday and I'm secretly hoping that he will have it all loaded when we get back Monday night so we can head out Tues/Wed and I will be spared having to load! But I'm not holding my breath! LOL

I just keep telling myself it will all be over and settled soon! oh man I can't wait!!

until then....

Friday, June 13, 2008


Hey all (well what 3 of you that read this?) lol

Just wanted to let all know I am still up and kicking, just packing and trying to get prepared for this move!

I leave next Wed. for my best friend Chris' house then get back just in time to pack the uhaul and leave out... so time's a tickin'!

I will check in again once I resurface in Eastland, if not sooner! :)

Monday, June 2, 2008


I know... I know...
2 Posts.. 1 day!

I did some more cards last week with the oh so yummy Core'dinations cardstock! I did a couple layouts too but I can't show just yet!

Thanks for looking! :)


I am drowning in boxes....




I am dying to get into my scrap room one last time for a good night of scrapping... I figure I have a couple more nights in here before I will need to start the process of purging and packing this darn room!!

I finished the new Stephenie Meyer book, The Host (in like 2 days)... so I feel like I can concentrate on what NEEDS to be done around here!
See I have this problem... if I start a good book it is so hard to put it down!

ok... back to the packing world... kitchen is almost done!
living room is done...
madisons room is done...
dining room.. almost done...

next up:
Morgans room
Mitchell/Matthews room
Our room
Laundry room
then all the misc. crap!!
(oh... and my scrap room) *begin torture eery music*

the outside... not touching it... THAT will be Jay's job... once he's home from TDY that is! LOL

I'm out....

(Oh... we decided on the 25th of June as our date to head out....but I leave out on the 18th for a visit to my best friend Chris' house (Calif.) so the kids will get a last chance to play before we head out)

ok.. for reals.. I'm out! :)