Friday, November 20, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Yep! This big boy will officially be FOURTEEN tomorrow! I can hardly believe it! I am so blessed with this guy, really. He can certainly be a turd at times but he is such a great kid with such a fun personality! After basketball in the morning I am taking him and a friend and the rest of the herd to Abilene for a birthday dinner... he wants Olive Olive Garden here we come!! :)

I finally got off my lazy butt yesterday and crafted!... and crafted! I finished 3 layouts and 2 cards yesterday... yeah baby! Here are 2 more layouts using the "31st" Noel Mignon kit... I am finally seperating it all out and getting that kit off my scrap desk (even though I still have SO much left of it!)
I just got my "Dear Santa" kit yesterday... and holy cow it's amazing and I can't wait to get into it this weekend!

When I was going through my pictures I remembered that I had forgot to share the pep rally photos!! I will try to get those up this weekend (for all 3 of you that wondered "hey where are they?" hehe)

Thanks for stopping by!


dstandard said...

OMG these are flippin AWESOME! Love both of them! Now I'm ready to tear into my kit! Wish Tami and Tara took such good pictures!

chelemom said...

Your LO's are just incredible! Your photos even better!!!