Thursday, January 28, 2010

Noel goodness...

First up is a layout of my daughter Madison dressed up for her first dance last year... we are gearing up for this years dance which is shaping up to be MUCH different. For one she is going with a boyfriend and is just super excited.. I can't wait to get pictures!
anywho.. this is the Noel Mignon "Object of my Affection" kit:

This I think is my new favorite layout... we were challenged to try something different and because I'm not much of a fabric user I challenged myself to use it on my layout, I like the way it turns out. This is Madison with one of her best friends, who just happens to be Morgans gfriend... small world no? hehe
These next couple layouts all come from the Noel Mignon "Paper Doll" kit...

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Monday, January 25, 2010

More Jillibean!!

Well here I am saying that I would get better about posting and I've dropped the ball again! LOL
I have done nothing but work, run to every basketball game in town and just kept up with the kids lately.... here are some projects to share though.... all from Jillibean Soup!
Speaking of... have you been checking out the JB blog... swoooon the new stuff coming out is just way too cute! I have a few things in hand to play with and they are even better in person I tell ya!

First up .. I love this layout of my older two... this year for the first pep rally Morgan was asked to be in the skit and had to dress up as a cheerleader (isn't he pretty? *snicker*).. they were so funny and even attempted a stunt or two! ha!

then a couple simple Hello cards:

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some cards!

Here are some cards that I haven't posted that I did for the CPS blog...

#148 sponored by GinaK Designs:




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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Honey... I'm HOME!!!

Ok... I am determined to pull out of this funk I seem to be in with the computer... I haven't turned it on in days (and loved it!!)but it's time to get my bootay in gear and get back to work. I have stuff due and things that need to get done!

So today is just baby steps and I will just share some FUN Jillibean Soup projects I have done in the past month or so...

We had a blast during our holiday vacation... we didn't get out of our pajamas unless we needed to go somewhere, sat around and played games and just hung out! It was nice to have Jay home for a couple weeks and we all got some fun (much needed) family time in!
Now it seems the days are filled with the kids and all they have to do, which is normal I have just been wrapped up in their world for a bit and haven't really wanted to come out much and play. So... time to balance again and get back into the swing of things and quit being lazy and just DO IT! hehe...

ok.. thanks for stopping by! I plan to post up more often and get back on track :)