Sunday, November 29, 2009


Here is my personal Vanna (Madison) showing the winner she drew out of a hat... (okay so maybe it was a pile on my desk, close enough)

COREY W... send me your address at and I will get out your set of stamps! CONGRATS!! :)

And here is my CPS card for the week... we were sponsored by DRS stamps. I used the beautiful Dream Street Papers Merry & Bright collection.

I am currently in panic mode... I cannot find my keys anywhere!! We had company for the whole Tday vacation and now they have disappeared... I have looked ALL over and they have yet to turn up! I'm guessing I will need to call and get a replacement set, which should cost an arm and a leg (joy)... and last week I had to replace the front 2 tires on the van... is it bad to tell the kids they are getting tires and new keys for Christmas?

yippee! Think they will understand?

Overall it was such a fun weekend having everyone here...I hated to see everyone leave today I miss them already, wish Jay could have been here too! We will have him home for 2 weeks during the Christmas vacation though, yeah!!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Are you in Christmas Card making mode?

Would this beautiful set from JustRite Stampers help out?

I would love to send this beautiful set to someone! I will leave this giveawy up till the end of the weekend... I don't have much craftyness to share I am in busy catch up/get ahead mode for the holidays and the fact that I will start working 2 days a week during the day (my big craftying time, when the kids are at school)I want to get stuff done so now is a good time for a giveaway! If you remember this card I made using this fun set!

Okey Dokey... leave me a comment and I will do the random thing on Sunday and get these fun stamps out on Monday with the winner! Good luck!

If you are in a crafty mood and want a fun challenge, head over to the Noel Mignon Challenge Blog for a FUN "New Moon" challenge! Here is my page for the challenge... (yes I realize I had a mispelling in the journaling...but I'm too lazy to redo!)
I used the Jillibean Soup paper and journaling spots...

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I am excited my family is coming in tomorrow and staying through the weekend... I am hoping for good food, fun family games time, and some big time crafting with mom!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Full of Photos and a tad of Craftyness!

Our weekend was filled with celebrations for my oldest who turned FOURTEEN this weekend... holy moly it all just happens too fast! I took his 'girlfriend' and the rest of the kids and went to Abilene for the day to eat and see Planet 51 (SUPER cute by the way)... we had a fun day and Morgan was totally thrilled with it all. Here he is blowing out his candle at Olive Garden..

Yes I know it's been several weeks... but here they are... we worked our butts off on this pep rally and was SO happy with the results... I think the girls were too! Fun stuff for sure! We painted little footballs for each of the 7th and 8th grade players and hung them from net to net in the gym.

And last up is a layout I did for my montly Jillibean Soup projects... I used some Soup Staples for this one...

I am really looking forward to family coming this week, they should all be here on Tuesday! Of course I have to spend the day tomorrow cleaning the house like a mad woman!

Oh and did I mention my substitute job has turned into a full time aide job... super thrilled about that!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Yep! This big boy will officially be FOURTEEN tomorrow! I can hardly believe it! I am so blessed with this guy, really. He can certainly be a turd at times but he is such a great kid with such a fun personality! After basketball in the morning I am taking him and a friend and the rest of the herd to Abilene for a birthday dinner... he wants Olive Olive Garden here we come!! :)

I finally got off my lazy butt yesterday and crafted!... and crafted! I finished 3 layouts and 2 cards yesterday... yeah baby! Here are 2 more layouts using the "31st" Noel Mignon kit... I am finally seperating it all out and getting that kit off my scrap desk (even though I still have SO much left of it!)
I just got my "Dear Santa" kit yesterday... and holy cow it's amazing and I can't wait to get into it this weekend!

When I was going through my pictures I remembered that I had forgot to share the pep rally photos!! I will try to get those up this weekend (for all 3 of you that wondered "hey where are they?" hehe)

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


That's me lately... I feel so lazy! I barely turned on my computer today and haven't had the urge to do much of anything lately! LOL I need to get on the ball though, no choices to be lazy around here for sure!

I did get my Noel Mignon "Dear Santa" kit today and OH.MY.GOSH. I seriously can't wait to print pictures and get started using the kit.

so today is gonna be a short post I don't have much done around here to share (I need to get busy on that!)... but I wanted to share my CPS card for this week using the My Favorite Things stamps and the Soup Staples from Jillibean Soup, how cute is this robot? lol

Thanks for stopping by, I'm hoping to get more productive around here and have more to share this week! :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm a craftin' fool!

I'm not sure where the energy has come from lately but I can't quit playing with the Noel Mignon kits... I did another layout using the "31st" kit... I have tons more pictures printed out and much more of the kit left so I see more Halloween layouts to come. Yeah I know it's out of season now... but that's how I roll.. hehe :)

Here's my CPS card for the week...#141. I used the Noel "Mill Street" kit for it...

If you haven't checked out the CPS blog lately you should... there is a DT call up right now for designers to join the team! I can't say enough about this group of girls... if you are a cardmaker and want to join a fun team... APPLY! :)

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Bliss

I just love these pictures I took around this time last year out here on the property! I don't think I have seen a prettier place and to know that it's mine really puts a cherry on top! I love it out here, I love the peace and quiet and the privacy. Even lately as we are debating on whether to move into town I know we will always have this to come too to enjoy. So I thought I would do a quick layout about it. I pulled my Noel Mignon "Mill Street" kit out (once again, I just can't stop!) and finished another layout!

Don't forget this Sunday you can hop over to the board and preorder the "Dear Santa" kit... it looks like it's going to be a HUGE seller... I can't wait to get it in my hands and start playing along!!

For those that worry *ahem* ;).... I am feeling much better. I am resting during the day (when the kids are at school) and getting better and having more energy daily. Thank you for the concern! (((hugs)))

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Monday, November 9, 2009

She Shot... She Scored!!

oooooh I was just giddy tonight at Madison's first basketball game, she took a shot and scored!!
I was a bit surprised when Madison decided she wanted to play basketball this year, she is the least agressive child I have (not so much like her mother.. hehe), but she has stuck it through and is really enjoying it!

I am still feeling a bit like crap... but the show (at least in this single parent home for now) must go on. I went to the dr. today and got another TWO shots in my butt... and have to go back again tomorrow and get another, good gracious! My butt is going to be a solid bruise before I get better! lol

on to crafty things:
We were challenged this week over at the Noel Mignon Challenge Blog (check it out!!) by Jana to use certain things for our layout... here's mine:
Head over to the blog and play along!

and then I wanted to share two very quick and easy cards I did for my Jillibean Soup assignments this month:

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Coming...

Christmas that is....
Today I dragged my sick butt from bed and took the kids to Stephenville to see "A Christmas Carol"... I am totally on the fence about the movie.. I found it hard to understand at times and a bit scary for the little ones (they ended up in my lap)... but the message was there and overall it was a fun day.

I can say though that I am SO not ready for Christmas this year... usually I would be shopping and getting things done, this year not so much. I feel like it's sneaking up on me way too fast. I have told the kids though we are toning it WAY down this year and not going out of control with gifts and such.

I am still feeling yucky, and probably should have just stayed in bed today but I had told the kids I would take them out so I did. sigh. I think I'll pay for it now though... I went to the dr. on Friday because my throat is still sore... she gave me a nice little shot in my butt and said if she had known I didn't just have strep she would say I'm having a relapse of the flu (that is what I feel like it is, I feel the same as last time, just not so butt kicking as before)... so I have more meds and more Tamiflu. I have to go back again tomorrow if it's not better, which I don't think it will be. I just want to be well already damn it!
Ok enough of the sickies... here's some crafty goodies!

Here is one of my Jillibean layouts for the month using the Split Pea Collection.

and then here is my CPS (#140) card... Close to my Heart was our sponsor! (SO generous!)

Blogger is acting all funny with putting in links and photos... is it that way for anyone else? So that's the reason I haven't been putting in all the supply lists with links, sorry!

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Grab your towel!

Just thought I'd pop in and give you all a drool worthy Friday treat!! These are the sneaks up over at Noel Mignon... they are for the "Dear Santa" kit that will go up on pre-order on the 15th.... I expect this puppy to sell out QUICK so grab one while you can!

that last photo... is fabric... sigh, oh the fun that can be had with that!!

Happy Friday! I am heading to the high school game tonight even though I am still feeling like complete crap! I got a nice shot in the booty today and more meds, including more Tamiflu! yes again.. yuck.
I'm excited though, the middle school band will get to march with the high school band tonight at half time... Madison will be proudly rockin' the snare drum!
(then tomorrow.... I sleep, and sleep, and rest and get my body better!)

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quick Share!

Just a quick share tonight to show you some cards I have done with the Core'dinations papers.... we were lucky to have October Afternoon send us some wonderful goodies to play with!

You can still see my total love of my ScorPal too.. :)

Ok... thanks for stopping by! I am off to bed... the pep rally today went SO well.. I will share some pictures this weekend. Morgans team won tonight and he had a great game too! I am heading back to the dr. tomorrow, my throat is still hurting and the meds should have kicked in by now and kicked this strep's butt and it hasn't...
later gators! :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yeah... I have another home sick again, Makenna! Running a fever since Friday night, we went to the doctor today and she has a "throat infection"...with her having Strep so many times it's probably the beginning of that so we went ahead and did the antibiotics.
So I tell the doctor I haven't been up to par lately either and my throat has been hurting... she looks down there and I DO have strep! good gracious, I just got over the flu! I am never sick... but I guess if I'm gonna do it.. do it right! grrr

We are in Pep rally mode around here... today was cheer practice for Madison and the girls and the pep rally is Thursday. The reason for the little bit of hair pulling is that each cheerleader is responsible for signs/goodie bags/themes etc... for each of the pep rallies and this is our week! We were lucky to be able to be one of two that got to pair up (thank goodness!). So we have been painting signs and getting ready... it's the last game of the season so we are getting excited! I will post pictures!

now for some scrappy stuff! :)
Here are a couple things I've done using the Noel Mignon sold out "Mill Street" kit!

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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Not sure how scary any of them are but they sure are cute!!
First up is Kenna... she was a sweet little kitty this year. Let me tell ya when we were choosing costumes this year and she said she just wanted to be a kitty... I about went nuts.. the $5 hat/tail/ear combo is muuuuuch better than the usual $40+ princess costume... so I jumped at that one quick! lol

Then there was Matthew who was Darth Vader... well sorta he didn't want to wear the mask all night, which was sort of an issue at the beginning of the night until I realized that I had my panties in a wad over really nothing.. if he didn't want to wear it then so be it and the night continued on... (nice little mommy learning moment! lol)...

Up next was Mitchell's last minute throw this together costume... a Hippy. I thought he looked pretty cute with the wig and big glasses!

and then there is this one... why am I so surprised when I see pictures of her, she is stinkin' beautiful and growing up WAY too darn fast. This costume was a struggle for me... all the ones I wanted she thought were too babyish.. she had her eye on this one for awhile now and I finally ordered it... maybe it's just me not wanting her to grow up but I was worried about the skirt being short, but once it came in it really isn't shorter than her cheer skirt and she wore bloomers under so all was good... she is something else! She went to her first real boy/girl party this year and had a blast! *sniff sniff*

and where is Morgan you ask? yeah... he is WAY too cool for dressing up! He was so sweet though working the Trunk or Treat with the Pastors son (whom just totally looks up to him, so cute)though last night... what a good kid he is. When he drives me nuts I have to remember times like this, when he took the time to climb into the back of a pickup truck to hand out candy with a little 4 year old boy because he knew it would totally make his night.

I am hoping to get some scrappy stuff done tonight and have goodies to post this week!
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