Friday, March 27, 2009

Core'dinations Love

Just thought I'd pop in and share my Core'dinations projects for the month!
I used the Whitewash collection and I have to say this stuff is SO cool!
The top is white and the core is colored, how neat is that??

For this one I used the cardstock from the Chocolate Box collection. I put the chipboard numbers on the back of my layout and sanded the front to get the numbers down the side.
I also used the Forever Family papers from Dream Street for this.
It's so hard to believe my oldest is a full fledged teenager... WOW! Where did the time go? He is growing up to be such a handsome young man, he has the typical teenage turd behavoir but he's my turd and I love 'em! :)

I found these cute little chipboard pieces at Michaels and had to get them, not a clue what I was going to do with them but they were needed! LOL
I used the Whitewash collection for the base of this card. All I did was sand around the edges to reveal the red core to this fabulous paper! love it!

For this one I again used the Whitewash collection. I used my Cuttlebug and embossed the numbers downt he side then slightly sanded it to reveal the black core color.
Well I am off... Morgan has a track meet tonight in a few towns over. Tomorrow is tryouts for baseball.. I sure hope it warms up though, it's cold and WINDY!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things have been a bit low key around here lately (whew!)... but not for long we are gearing up for baseball season!! Oh how I love baseball season! All three boys are playing this year so that means lots of running around (to different towns to boot!) making sure everyone gets to where they need to go!

I have only 2 more weeks before I leave for NEW YORK!!! Jay is flying in for the 4 days that I will be gone to watch the kids (keep him in your prayers! LOL).... I am heading out for a girls outing with my best friend Chris...
I simply cannot wait!!

In curves news... I am down 15.5 pounds and the same on the inches (darn it!)... but still truckin' along.. things are starting to feel bigger which is always nice!

Here are a couple layouts I've done for Dream Street using the beautiful Heartsong papers from Alexis Hardy! This first one was based off a Pagemaps sketch!
I love these pictures of Madison and her best friend... they connected quickly right after we moved here and have continued to be close throughout the year... she also made cheerleader so we were so very happy for the two of them to get to do this together!

Here they are all dressed up before the Valentines dance this year! Here's just a simple baby card set using the fabulous Heartsong papers... and *gasp* Jolee's cute little duck stickers! You can check out more Heartsong inspiration on the Dream Street blog this month!


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I got a big ol' whoppin box of Jillibean soup and I'm itching to PLAY in all of it!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Muddin' !!!

Yes there is a group of kids in the Ranger under all that mud!! lol

Now this is my idea of a perfect weekend!!
I have a group of great friends that I have made since moving here... totally my kind of girls!

We like to get the families together and trail with the 4wheelers. We tend to trade off houses we go too... this past weekend after a week full of rain we headed to Jen's house to go muddin'.

...we had a blast!!!

Here are a couple pictures of the day! The kids favorite thing is to go riding in Jen's Ranger.

I just love this first picture.... they were spitting mud and covered and SO very happy!

Mitchell after coming off the Ranger...Kenna took one ride on the Ranger, got covered with mud and called it quits! (both her and Matthew did)Matthew had a blast sitting out on the boat in the middle of the small tank, attempting to row it in any direction at all! (many times they had to be "rescued"... ie: drug back to shore! LOL)Madison just about as soon as she put her hook in the water came up with a fish... I was totally impressed she held it for this photo! So many times during the day while everyone was going about their business I would catch Madison down by the tank with her pole in the water. She was just in heaven! This is redneck fun at it's finest I tell ya! The kids talked all the way home "mom, that was SO much fun... I can't wait to do it again!"
After this while the kids were playing shoes in the front, Jen and I took the Ranger out back and proceeded to knock down dead trees... oh the FUN!!! (you might have to trust me on this one... oh man we laughed so hard it was crazy!)
I am hoping to pick up a used 4wheeler this week so we can do it all again this weekend! ha!
I am downloading the "Donkey Basketball" (yes people actually playing basketball on donkeys) pictures for the next installment of redneck fun!
Have a great day!
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Day!!

I am so excited to be asked to join the Jillibean Soup Design team... I am just in love with their products and can't wait to be apart of this companies growth!

Congrats to all!
Looks like the Design Team will have a blog to share goodies and inspiration... you can check it out here: Bean Talk (how cute is that!?!?) lol

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glitz cards!!

Ok.... I have to say I think this is my favorite Glitz release so far! I love the new clear stamps and all the cardstock stickers, alpha stickers, and rubons to match each line! love it!
So I got a little busy with cards the past couple nights and wanted to share...
First a couple from the Audrey Collection... oh how I love the colors in this one.. and look at that cute little butterfly!!
Next up is the Rebel Collection:

This would be my 2nd favorite collection... Sparrow
I used the new clear stamps for the dots behind the sentiment on this one.And of course the Glitz classic... Hot Mama! I am a bit in love with the letter stickers that match this collection.. LOVE that font!!
Thanks so much for stopping by... I had a blast with all the fun new Glitz... I'm so happy to be along for the ride with this top notch company!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm ready for the sunshine!!

Man oh man!!

It's Spring Break here for the kids, combine that with a week full of nothing but rain... not always the best combination! lol

On Tuesday I took the kids to Abilene to go to the zoo... seriously... we finished the whole thing in 30 minutes, SO tiny! A bit of a disappointment for sure but it was nice to get out of the house though and be able to say we did something for spring break! We then headed to eat and the mall where everyone walked away happy there! Man I love a good sale! hehe

We were scheduled to go to moms house and spend a couple days at Fiesta Texas before we realized that it would rain all week, not really worth a 4 hour drive when she has to work during the day. Instead we have hung around the house in our pajamas enjoying the rain and just plain being lazy... which we don't get a chance to do very often so we are enjoying it!

All in all it's been a nice Spring break, although we seem to once again have a little bug around here. Madison spent last weekend in bed for 2 days throwing up... Morgan today is complaining of the same thing... so we shall see!
I have been in a creating mood lately for sure... I got a layout done with the super fun Noel Mignon "Love Song" kit with some pictures I had hanging around that I have been wanting to scrap.

and of course some close ups:

I also got a HUGE box of all the new Glitz stuff... I am determined to make a card or two from each collection before I dive in and start making layouts!! All of the embellishments are just to die for.. and the paper collections are just beautiful!!
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Friday, March 6, 2009

SO excited!!!

Just a quick post to say how excited I am to scream from the rooftops...

She really has worked so very hard these past couple weeks and has made so many strides personally with her confidence. I am just giddy that she has learned that all the work and effort she put into this really does pay off... and if you want something bad enough you can achieve it! She is the only one that made it that has never taken tumbling... so big deal for her!
just so stinkin' excited!!

I can finally get my head back on straight.. everything has been set aside to help her lately and now I need to get my act back together!! lol


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rah! Rah! Rah!

Well we have been quiet busy around here lately! My oldest daughter decided last month that she wanted to tryout for middle school cheerleader. I would have never thought she would be so serious about it.. mainly because this is the same girl who for 3 years didn't want to do dance class because she had to get up in front of everyone at recital... flash forward to today.
She is serious.. she wants this... and she has worked her butt off for the past 3 weeks practicing. There is some tough competition for only 4 slots but already I have seen such a change in her and her confidence that if she doesn't make it this Friday she has already gained so much from the experience!
So we continue to run through the dance, the cheer, and the chant and jump! jump! and jump! She tries out for the judges Thursday afternoon afterschool and then the student body Friday morning and they find out Friday afternoon. I think I may be more nervous than she is at this point.. i think because she is really putting herself out there and going out on a limb (especially for her personality) that I want her to succeed!

So think happy thoughts for Madison!
(and if you read all of that babbling... bless you! lol)

Anywho.. before CHA I had won some fabulous Jillibean Soup goodies and I was finally able to put them to good use.. here are a couple projects to share. I tell ya... I LOVE THIS STUFF! Great colors, great patterns, and the sprouts.. YUM!


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