Monday, January 14, 2008

Drive By Showing....

Just a quick post sharing some layouts and cards!
Here are some layouts for the Homegrown kit... had loads of fun with the KI Memories papers!!

Here are the layouts for the newsletter for Busy Bee Scrapbooking!!! Come check out the awesome newsletter chocked full of inspiration!!

Okay... told ya it was a drive by... hehe.... I'm out!

Monday, January 7, 2008

He's NINE!

Where does the time go?
My middle little man turned 9 this past weekend, and he is over the moon!! This now means he can go to the youth center dances (like his older sibs), and do the lock in's (like his older sibs), and participate in 4H Shooting (like his older sibs)..... see a pattern? He was SO tired of everything being "when you turn nine you'll be able to do that"..... well no longer big guy!! Happy Birthday!!
Here's a shot of the new NINE year old:Notice the black eye? yeah he got that at his first basketball practice, right in time to go back to school!!

Speaking of back to school... ALL the kids started back today! Man the house was quite too, they were all happy to go back and see their friends but unhappy to let the Wii go for the whole day! LOL

I think the stomach virus has finally passed... we are officially 4 days puke free.

I have been on a mojo kick lately! I have finished up my Homegrown Hybrid kit layouts.... will share soon! Got a start on the Winter Survival Kit, finished up my layout for the February Busy Bee article, finished ALL the paperwork for Kimber and her book and got that off today, and have one more layout for the SCT article.... ROCK STAR I tell ya!!! LOL


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Good Gracious!!!

Does it ever end??

I thought because yesterday we had a puke free day we were in the clear.

Not so much.

My Matthew totally cracks me up! We got home and were sitting down for lunch and he was complaining his tummy hurt... so I get the bowl. Yes I said the bowl.... that's how we do it here with the whole household puking. It saves me from cleaning all over this place. Seriously we have 4 bowls right now spread all over the house in "just in case" spots. Anywho... he gets the look and starts... we head to the bathroom with bowl, he does his deed and gets a drink, wipes up.... walks back to the table and eats his lunch like nothing even happened!! What a total trooper he is!!

Keep your fingers crossed that we are done... they go back to school on Monday and need to be over this darn virus!! I think I might let the kids bath in Lysol! LOL *totally kidding*

I'm working my booty off for an article that I am just over the moon to be asked to write for Scrapbook and Cards Today... I just love those gals over there!

I got my Survival Kit in the mail today from Homegrown Scrapbooks.... and OH MY WORD that sucker is HUGE... I am in scrap heaven!! I just now need to get some things off my plate so I can play!!

Now lookie there... that's TWO posts in one week!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Brace Yourself....


I know for all 3 of you out there that read my blog, yes I am finally posting! Yes unicornlvr... I'm updating! ;)

Things have been crazy around here, with all the hoopla leading up to the holidays this poor blog was the last thing to get my love!

Guess what's on my New years list to do?
Yep... blog more! (we'll see how that one goes)

We had a great Christmas!! We got the kids.. I mean err... Santa brought the kids a Wii... and OH MY WORD we are in heaven!! I will have the strongest right arm in Tucson before long from playing that sucker! I'll post pics here soon of us playing, we love it! Seriously the best toy we have got for the kids in a long time!!

A little catch up... before the kids got out of school for Winter break my poor Mitchell started getting sick and missed a whole week of school. It took a bit for the dr. to finally come to the conclusion that he had Mono!! oh my... poor little guy ran a fever for a solid 7 days and kept getting lumps that would come up on his neck (lymph nodes) and was just totally pooped! The first test was negative (taken too soon) and then a week later we did it again and it came back positive. Finally get him back to school... kid you not he got like 3 days before school got out. Then Kenna started getting sick... having asthma troubles. She has not had trouble in almost THREE years... then right before Christmas poof! trouble. That finally cleared up.... then guess what?

The stomach bug.

And the stomach bug in my house is SO not fun!

So... the entire Christmas vacation (they go back on the 7th, out since the 21st) we have had someone in the house throwing up, it has spread through everyone BUT ME!!! Yep so far my super mom skills are paying off!

On top of all this I've been super busy with projects and meeting deadlines and working up at my new local scrap store!
And speaking of.... I have my first class up there on January 19th, I'm teaching a Family themed Clear Album... and that sucker SOLD OUT!!! I am excited and nervous all at the same time!!!
I already have my next class on the books for Feb. 2nd!! I'll get photos up on here soon!

Here are a couple layouts that I did for the Homegrown Scrapbooks December kit:

Well I'm off for now... I promise to be better... well at least I hope too! ;)