Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Yes I'm alive!!!

I know, I know... I suck already at keeping this blog up!!

Things have been busy around here lately.... good stuff... but busy!

I'm just so darn giddy with my new LSS.. Pages in Progress. I have been in there on and off for the past couple weeks trying to help them set up stuff, making samples etc... and I'm just so stinkin' excited for it to open!! I look forward to teaching classes over there!!

I took the girls a couple weeks ago to see Disney Princess' on Ice... cost me a CRAPLOAD but it was SO worth it when as soon as they took the ice Makenna looks at me in awe "Mom, did you see that?".... so worth the moola!! It was a nice night out for just the girls and I.

We are gearing up for the girls Winter Recital. Makenna is in 2 dances and Madi one... they are gonna be too cute! And to boot my 'not so much rythmn' husband will be in a Daddy Dance... should prove interesting (and great pictures too!!)

Morgan made the boys volleyball team at middle school... SO very happy for him! It makes my heart sing to see him play volleyball. Jay and I met playing volleyball oh so many years ago and were both fairly decent at it to boot.... so it just makes me smile to see Morgan play and have talent at it! I love "peppering" out in the front yard with him.

Mitchell and Madison have taken up orchestra in school.... like I don't have enough noise in my house we have now added a Violin and a Viola!!!! It's starting to get better....it's not so much screeching now it's starting to sort of sound like music! LOL

Well last night we did the Trick or Treating thing.... here are some cute pictures of the kids!!

Here is Morgan.. he doesn't like to dress up, but I tell him he can't go door to door and ask for candy if he doesn't dress up... so he dons the ugly clown wig and some mish mash clothes!
Madison was Belle....goodness she looks so pretty here... makes my heart melt!
Mitchell opted for an actual scary costume this year... which was a first!
Matthew wanted to be SpiderMan... so Spider"dude" he was!!! He kept pulling at the mask to get it over his eyes and mouth just right and ended up pulling the fabric, hence the lines all over the mask!
And Makenna decided to be Belle also! Her long pretty hair with little curls in it was darn sweet!!
As soon as we got home the kids poored all the candy out and started the trading!!

In scrappy news... I had a layout picked up by ST for Feb... and a card for the CARDS mag.... love when I get some LOVE! Also... so excited to be contributing to my sweet friend Linda's upcoming book with Memory Makers! I also made a goal this year and had a page picked up for BHG Feb issue (let me tell you I was STOKED!!).

I'm going to TRY not to make it so long between posts this time!! LOL
Thanks for sticking with me... well if you did I mean!