Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yesterday was a GOOD day!

After I posted yesterday my MMM news... the day got even better!! I swear by 6pm I was floating on a cloud!!

I got 3 requests for Scrapbook Trends... and they haven't always been my biggest fan in the past.... I think though I just finally broke them down with submissions! LOL

Then I went to pick up my oldest from school. He has been in basketball tryouts all week. Let me start by saying we really weren't sure if he would make the team because the team isn't just for 6th graders but for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. And some of those 8th graders are big boys! The coach said in the beginning how height and weight would play a part and well Morgan isn't that big of a kid but he does have some mad skills!!!
Anywho.... I picked him up from school yesterday and he hopped in the van trying to act as if he didn't make it (but I saw the little smirk) and so I asked if he made it... HE DID!!! I was giddy... this by far was my best news of the day!! I'm so proud of this big guy!!!

He was on cloud nine too... he kept mumbling under his breath to himself "I can't believe I made it". We took the whole herd out to eat to celebrate!! I'm just so proud of my bug!!
Oh and I got my Pick of the Patch September kit the other day and I'm just starting to play with it... so beautiful!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So Happy!!!!

I am SO honored and thrilled to be a Memory Makers Master- Runner up!!!
When I got the email on Monday I was just floored!!

Congrats to all the winners and runner ups!!!!
Check them out here: Memory Makers

Monday, August 20, 2007

Come Join me!

I am doing a chat tonight at Serendipity Scrapbooks
I'd love for you to join me! It's around 6:30 my time, I am looking forward to it!!

On another note... brace yourself... I actually went to the gym today!! I am determined to go several times a week if not everyday... all the kids are in school so I actually have the time to go.

Today is upload day at Busy Bee! We have the lovely Linda Harrison as our guest designer this month and her challenge was to be creative with brads! I used the brads around the edge and ran the embroidery floss around it and then added them around my layout

Friday, August 17, 2007


It's been a busy week!
I have finished up a load of projects that had a pretty quick turn around and got them out the door this afternoon, big exhale on that one! LOL

The kids first week of school went so smooth! I picked up Matthew this afternoon and he told me "todays the last day of school!!!" I just said no bud you've got many more days of school to go! LOL such a cutie he is! The older ones are in right back into the swing of things. The older two are walking home but I can't bring myself to let the twins do it yet, hopefully soon though. They want to for sure!!

Tonight.... TONIGHT!!!! What is tonight you ask?

High School Musical 2 of course!!! We are going to pick Morgan up from Basketball tryouts, come home and order pizza and then do some serious snuggling on the couch and watching it!!! I'm going try to take some pics of them all curled up watching it. I have to admit I'm a bit of a fan too!

Until then....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First Day of School

Well I made it and so did they!!
When I woke up this morning around 6am... I looked into Makenna's room and she was awake... and she is NEVER awake early! LOL I creeped in there and asked if she was excited, needless to say she was pretty giddy.
The tears started the last night. I was going to check in on all the short ones before I went to bed and just starting crying... I mean once they start there is no turning back! :(
Anywho... got everyone up and running this morning. We headed off to school with pancake filled bellies and everyone was excited. Matthew was NERVOUS though... chewing his lip the whole time. Here's a picture of him that basically sums up his morning...I love the one of him chatting with Jay before going into the time I went in to have lunch with them he was totally okay and loving it!

Madison was SO super cute this morning with her new haircut, she wanted it all flipped out on the sides... I think we pretty much nailed that for her! Look how darn cute she is... growing up WAY too fast too!!! grrrr....

And here is my other beautiful daughter... she practically skipped out of the house. She was totally in her element, no fear what-so-ever I swear it! (somehow I jacked up her picture... I'll play to make it better later, here is what I have right now) :)
Mitchell looked so darn handsome on his first day of 4th grade. He was excited to get back to school and see his friends and to get to do more work. That kid is so smart it's scary!
And then there's Morgan... the oldest at 11. He started Middle School this year. He didn't act nervous at all, but then why would he right? He's a cool middle schooler now and Morgan rarely gets nervous for much. I'm SO proud of him this year... *caution, major child bragging fixing to go on here!* he is in the Self Contained GATE (Gifted and Talented Educ) part of his middle school. Only the top 6% of the kids tested get into these schools!!! So he is in class all day with other GATE students, only going into general population for his lunch and electives. Did I mention I am so proud of him??
He's growing his hair out long... so as much as it made me mental at first I'm actually growing to like it. Plus I figure I need to choose my battles, his hair isn't one of them! LOL
So all in all it was a good day... and I managed to keep myself busy!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I am SO thrilled to be a part of this project for Scrapbook and Cards Today, there is such a fabulous set of women contributing I'm excited to be among them!!

Have you heard of World Card Making Day? It is on October 6th, 2007.
This is a special project put together by Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine that includes 20 amazing cardmakers and I am thrilled that I was invited to participate.
Angela Urbano
Audrey Neal
Christine Hill
Christine Traversa
Holly Pittroff
Jessica Witty
Kerry McRorie
Kim Hughes
Kimber McGray
Kim Moreno
Krista Schneider
Linda Beeson
Maria Burke
Melanie Blackburn
Melanie Gooding
Melissa Phillips (on the cover)
Rozanne Dioso-Lopez
Sherry Wright
Tami Mayberry
Tina Werner
Vicki Boutin

Here is the info on how to get a copy of this special issue:
Simply Cards Today will be distributed in our Canadian stores for $15.95 CAN and in our US stores for $14.25 USD. Simply Cards Today will also be available for purchase on our website for $15.95 CAN.
Our distributing stores will be taking pre-orders for the book beginning Monday, August 13th and pre-orders will be available on the website as of Monday, August 27th.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fun weekend

We are gearing up for school here... tomorrow is my kids last day of freedom before they head back to school. We have hair cuts done, house cleaned, school shopping done, all we need to do is pack backpacks, paint nails and we should be ready to go!!

Last night I went to my lss and cropped... good gracious those gals are so much fun! I was a busy little bee last night, got 3 layouts done!! I don't have pics yet, but I'll put them here when I get some shots tomorrow. It was a Pirate themed party so there are some pretty darn funny pictures of all of us... hopefully one of the girls will send me some pics... I *gasp* forgot my camera to get my own!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

School Shopping

Well I went out and braved Old Navy to finish up school shopping for all the short ones. Whew... 5 kids for school do NOT amount to a cheap shopping trip! But I'm about done... might need some things here and there but we should be good, until it gets cold!
Hopefully the Gap and Old Navy online orders get here in time, they have backpacks in them!

I am totally stressing on the fact that my babies, the twins will start Kinder this year!? Where on earth does the time go? What if they need me, or need something? I know it's silly, the rest of the herd survived Kinder so I have no idea why I'm having such a hard time with the twins starting. Then there's Morgan starting middle school (that brings up a whole new set of worries)... I will be a blubbering mess next Tuesday!!

I'll leave ya with this beautiful shot of my daughter... for those of you that haven't seen her new haircut! She got it cut last month, she wanted a "big girl do"... so that's what we did! She got about 7 inches cut off! I love it!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fun Happenings!

Matthew is a two wheel riding fool now!!! Jay took him out a couple days ago and gave him a single push and off he went. This kid is such a natural it's scary!
Now all he wants to do it bike ride. The moment he wakes up "mom can I go ride my bike now?", I have to remind him that he needs nourishment and some shorts first!
This is my favorite of him riding his bike, love it!! The picture of Madison putting on Matthews helmet warms my heart like you wouldn't believe!!

Oh and brace yourselves!!! My sweet oldest daughter Madison finally got the courage up to tackle the 2 wheeler!!! I am SO proud of her for facing her fears and just doing it! She told me "well mom I saw Matthew do it so I just knew I could do it too".

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Uploads at Busy Bee!

"3 Minutes Flat" taken down for publication!

Well yesterday was upload day at Busy Bee
Here are a couple layouts I uploaded.... I love the new Cherry Arte papers, SO fun!! I used some of the oh so fun new Magistical Memories chipboard to boot!

Makenna is such a hoot, these two layouts are totally her lately! Love it!

Giving this another shot...

Okay I failed totally at my last attempt to keep a blog, but I figure why the heck not. Let's give this another go!
With my family up my rear on occasion ( I think they have given up on me) to send pictures and share stuff, I figure this is a "all in one" for them all! :)