Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yeah... I have another home sick again, Makenna! Running a fever since Friday night, we went to the doctor today and she has a "throat infection"...with her having Strep so many times it's probably the beginning of that so we went ahead and did the antibiotics.
So I tell the doctor I haven't been up to par lately either and my throat has been hurting... she looks down there and I DO have strep! good gracious, I just got over the flu! I am never sick... but I guess if I'm gonna do it.. do it right! grrr

We are in Pep rally mode around here... today was cheer practice for Madison and the girls and the pep rally is Thursday. The reason for the little bit of hair pulling is that each cheerleader is responsible for signs/goodie bags/themes etc... for each of the pep rallies and this is our week! We were lucky to be able to be one of two that got to pair up (thank goodness!). So we have been painting signs and getting ready... it's the last game of the season so we are getting excited! I will post pictures!

now for some scrappy stuff! :)
Here are a couple things I've done using the Noel Mignon sold out "Mill Street" kit!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Jana Eubank said...

Hope everyone is on the mend soon! :( Lovin' all the scrappy eye candy! You are a master card maker! ;)

Charlene said...

Awesome creativy!!!!!! Love your blog!