Sunday, November 1, 2009


Not sure how scary any of them are but they sure are cute!!
First up is Kenna... she was a sweet little kitty this year. Let me tell ya when we were choosing costumes this year and she said she just wanted to be a kitty... I about went nuts.. the $5 hat/tail/ear combo is muuuuuch better than the usual $40+ princess costume... so I jumped at that one quick! lol

Then there was Matthew who was Darth Vader... well sorta he didn't want to wear the mask all night, which was sort of an issue at the beginning of the night until I realized that I had my panties in a wad over really nothing.. if he didn't want to wear it then so be it and the night continued on... (nice little mommy learning moment! lol)...

Up next was Mitchell's last minute throw this together costume... a Hippy. I thought he looked pretty cute with the wig and big glasses!

and then there is this one... why am I so surprised when I see pictures of her, she is stinkin' beautiful and growing up WAY too darn fast. This costume was a struggle for me... all the ones I wanted she thought were too babyish.. she had her eye on this one for awhile now and I finally ordered it... maybe it's just me not wanting her to grow up but I was worried about the skirt being short, but once it came in it really isn't shorter than her cheer skirt and she wore bloomers under so all was good... she is something else! She went to her first real boy/girl party this year and had a blast! *sniff sniff*

and where is Morgan you ask? yeah... he is WAY too cool for dressing up! He was so sweet though working the Trunk or Treat with the Pastors son (whom just totally looks up to him, so cute)though last night... what a good kid he is. When he drives me nuts I have to remember times like this, when he took the time to climb into the back of a pickup truck to hand out candy with a little 4 year old boy because he knew it would totally make his night.

I am hoping to get some scrappy stuff done tonight and have goodies to post this week!
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Noel said...

awwww...they looked great! :) said...

What a beautiful family! Love seeing the pictures!

Jessica said...

awww so cute! Madi is getting old!! NOOO!!! i wanna see more recent pics of Morgan! :) Miss u guys!!