Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jillibean Contest!

Check this out!!

Jillibean Soup is having a contest... create some goodness using the Journaling Sprouts and win $100 CASH!! oooooh baby... what a great contest!! Hope to see lots of entries... so generous of Jill! Good luck to all that enter!!
Check out the Jillibean Blog for more details!

That's all for today!
I hope to spend the day hanging out with the herd playing games and playing outside! :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

For the Love of the Core...

Core'dinations that is!
I just got done with my Core'dinations projects for the month of May... yeah I know.. my motto is "ain't no minute like the last"!

Here is a set of cards that I made for some of the kids teachers for the last day of school... I am seriously addicted to that numbers Cuttlebug die!


This last card just goes to prove anything can be used with this fabulous cardstock! LOL
I used a spatula that came with my rice cooker, put the cardstock over the top and sanded until I saw the little bumps shine through! Wait till you see what the awesome DT has come up with this month using some unusual objects!!


Check out the cool new Core'dinations Blog... it has a cool feature that you can move your mouse over the project and see a magnified image! way cool!!

In other news:
I took the kids to go see the UP movie today... we loved it! I highly recomend it... it had just enough humor, tear jerking moments, and just pure fun that we were all entertained!

The last day of school for the kids was Thursday!!! I should be excited that we.. scratch that I don't have to set my alarm anymore... BUT
Morgan has to be up at the gym at 9am 4 days a week for "Strength and Conditioning" training... ALL

Oh well.. it will only make him a better athlete I imagine. I am in the process of signing the kids up for all the camps for the summer... all for basketball camp, the boys for football camp, Madison has cheer camp, and then I think soccer camp for the shortest ones...
All this and I think 2 of the boys team will go to State this summer for baseball... so it is gearing up to be a BUSY summer! That's ok.. I just tell myself it helps them all to stay out of trouble!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Noel Goodness...

Here are a couple more goodies from the "Penny Arcade" Noel Mignon kit I had the privelage to be a guest designer for this month.
This is me when I was a baby.. you know back when I was cute! ;) Thanks mom for digging these up! :)

And some quick cards... I still have TONS of this kit left over too and I think I still have another layout to get done... I just got the new "Rise and Shine" kit and can't wait to play with that bad boy either!

Well I had my bday this past weekend... I am now 21 and legally able to drink...

HA! I wish... I am the big 3*6 and boy did I celebrate it in style! I had a good 'ol time with the girls this weekend (saturday night)... then Sunday after we all recovered we had a bbq out at Jens house and had a big water balloon fight with the kids and played in the pool and ended the night with a mean game of dominoes! Doesn't really get any better than that!!

I'm working on my Core'dinations stuff for the month.. .that should get uploaded next along with some Dream Street goodies!
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rah Rah and Kits...

Ok.. so I'll start off with yesterday...
All the girls got to wear their new uniforms.. and oh man they looked so stinkin' cute in them! We headed out to the country club to get some shots of them for the paper and such and of course I truck my camera along. I got some good ones
here are a couple:

This is the whole group... this is the best shot I got I'm hoping the other 2 taking got a better one..

this is the 7th grade group together... they just kept posing and posing asking for more shot.. too cute! There are 5 to be 7th graders and 5 to be 8th graders...

This is Ms. Madison in all her glory...

This last one is Madi and her best friend Alexis... I am just SO very happy these two made it together, it will be neat to watch them grow up and get to experience this together! I have several shots of the two of them that are fabulous... this is one of my favorites though!

Aren't they all beautiful!! Goodness I don't remember looking this good in middle school that's for damn sure! :)

Next up is a couple more from the Noel Mignon kit... loving that "Penny Arcade" kit!!

We were challenged to do a layout with OLD photos... these are pictures of my sister and I playing at the ranch as kids.. one of our favorite things to do was play in the mud down by the tank... good times!
(no laughing at the falling down bathing suit and bowl cut hair!)

I love these pictures of my best friend Chris and I in New York last month, they went perfect with this kit too!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cover TOOT!!

Just a quick drop in because I am just over the moon excited... I don't toot often but I'm just too giddy not too!
Check this out:

that's MY card on the cover of the May 2009 CARDS magazine!... :) :) :)

thanks for letting me share... back to your regular scheduled programs.. lol

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mouse Killer in da House!!

Ok... not too long ago I got some kittens to be the "mouse hunters" in the house... you see we live out in the sticks.. I mean way out. the cat is going nuts knocking over stuff up on the bar and I get up to see what all the ruckus is about.
and then i see it...

the tail sticking out of it's mouth... EEEEEKKK!!!
I called Heather and did a little girlie scream for a bit... then sat and couldn't think of how to take care of the little sucker and how to get the cat to drop it.. then like a lightbulb... I grabbed a glue trap! (I know... the wuss way out)
as soon as the cat let go of that little sucker I threw it on there.. ok not maybe the best idea considering it stuck to the carpet but it all worked out and I am now an official mouse killer... oh man... don't shoot me, I can't have those little suckers in the house!! *yuck*

*In scrappy news... I am THRILLED to carry on for another term with the Core'dinations team!! Congrats to all the girls that have joined the team!

I also have the honor to be the Guest Designer this month over at Noel Mignon. If you have read this blog you know I am a big 'ol fan of this kit.. so packed full of goodness each month so I was over the moon when she asked me to GDTM for this month....
I will just upload projects as I crank them out with this beautiful "Penny Arcade" kit... this month is a vintage-y kind of kit, which is pushing me out of my bright/bold box... but I have to say I am enjoying the change!
here are my first 2:

Thanks for stopping by... off to get more glue traps at the store now! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Makenna and Matthew!!

Just a quick post!

Today my babies turn 7, I seriously can hardly believe it! I remember just yesterday living in Germany and being in shock that I was going to have twins in the first place, afterall they were my fourth pregnancy! When I brought their little tiny selves home I had a 3, 4, and 6 year old at the time and times were totally nuts! Man I loved those days though!

Here they are running down the drive with the balloons I sent them at school today, so happy!

They get asked a lot who is older between the two and STILL to this day it's the same answer.
Makenna: "I am! I was born 7 minutes before Matthew!"
Matthew: "Yeah but I am TALLER!"
I swear they have done this since they were old enough to grasp that they are twins! lol

Each have their own claim to fame! haha!