Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm back!!

I am SO darn tired too!

The convention went really well, and Pageframes were so popular! Kimber and I taught our album and everyone really seemed to enjoy the class, such fun gals!!
It's always nice to see friends again! Tara and Holly.... I miss them already, so nice to just hang out again! I met Natalia, the owner of Couture Scrapbooking and she is a hoot! I don't think she knew quite what to think of me... but we had a blast!
And Kimber... well it's always nice to hang with my girl! Good gracious the 2 of us are fun together!! We both decided we could do some serious damage if we were to actually live closer together! LOL

Summer flew in on Saturday night and met us all at the Hard Rock Cafe... um yeah... we had a good time! hehe.... then we dragged our butts out of bed and headed over to Scottsdale for the Xyron Technical Support training!
While we trained for several days we also had loads of fun!!
I got to hang out and meet some of the awesome Project X girls: Summer Fullerton, Linda Harrison, Angie Hagist, Tracey Odachowski, Eva Flake, Alexis Hardy, Jen Grant and Tena Sprenger..... oh my word.... we had SO much fun together!! I love meeting new friends, especially friends that are those "instant connections".

While it's nice to get away some times from the everyday here, I missed this herd like crazy!! As soon as I got home I went in to kiss each of them.... Matthew crawled in bed with me this morning for some cuddling... oh how I miss that!!

Also.... in some FUN scrappy news!!!!!!!!!!
I have joined forces with some fabulous girls and created stamps for Super T's !!! We are a brand new stamp company and all of these rockin' gals have made stamps... Me, Amy Teets, Tracy Whitney, Jolie Thomas, Kristi Hellyer, and the big cheese Heather Stanworth!!
I love the name Super T's.... it's all about channeling the inner "Super Hero" in all of us! Check out the site and get you some awesome new stamps!!! :)

I think that's all for now! I need to get busy around here and get caught up!!


Janice said...

Hey Kim,
It was so great to FINALLY meet you after all this time! My friend was lucky enough to be in your class and she said it ROCKED!! You are a sweetie and it was so great to just give you a hug!! Lovin' the new stamps too!! They are all the rage on a few sites I visit!!
Hugs Girl!

Summer said...

OMG that's why you asked me about your superhero name ... I never did think of one did I although I am sure I could come up with some NOW couldn't I. Congratulations babe YOU ROCK !!!!!!!

Karan said...

sounds like you had an awesome time sure your class was just FAB!!! nice to have you back!

Laura said...

I'm so happy to hear you had a great time! I can't wait to hear more about the class! I have to thank you for a big thing...part of the story to thanking you is on my personal blog...but I'll email you too!! Talk to ya later!!

Erin Campbell-Pope said...

Kim I just found your blog and it's a great read and I love looking at your layouts! Fabulous

:) Erin

Vicki C said...

Kimmer..that is so fun! Cant wait to see those stamps!

Ruth said...

I'm so jealous of you hanging out with the original cool girls. I want to be one of them. Blast this muffin gig I already have going. I really need to focus on that. COngrats on all your exciting reveals. You are a superstar!