Saturday, September 1, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

I have started to neglect this blog already... I never was any good at keeping a journal!

Yesterday the kids were all in school and dh had the day off so we.... brace yourself... SPENT THE DAY TOGETHER!!!! I don't think we have had a chance to just hang out since, well since I don't know when! I had never golfed before and dh wanted me to give it a shot with him. Well I did... wasn't too bad at it. See I have control issues.. so for me to let loose and just swing away, yeah I was struggling a bit at first. We ended up playing 9 holes and had a fun day.
Today though... I am sore in places I didn't know I had! Good gracious!!

The kids are good... Morgan is LOVING basketball. I'm hoping he really gets a chance to play this year, those boys on his team are so big! BUT my Mo has some skills so I'm sure the coach will see it and he will get his playing time.
The twins are adjusting to kinder pretty good and are already wanting to walk to and from to school with Madi and Mitch. I let them one day and had a hard time keeping my nose from the window watching them! We live on base so I am much more comfortable letting them spread their wings here and gaining their confidence and my trust.
Madi and Mitch have both decided to be apart of the orchestra this year... Madi wants to play violin and Mitchell wants to play cello! Our house will never be the same... *sigh*!! LOL

On the scrappy front... I have had a GREAT opportunity come my way, I'll share more later once I get the details and the "for sure's" on it more! So exciting though, it will be a nice opportunity for me to continue to stay at home with the short ones (okay, be available for field trips, volunteering in their classrooms and being here in the morning and afternoon) and make some moola on the side. The moola will help to pay off some bills, we will be retiring here very soon! That in itself is a whole 'nother post!! Jay and I have been discussing it a lot lately.. just what we are going to do! I of course am ready to pack up and be out on the property!!
I want everyday life like this: (this is the herd and my sisters herd heading down to fish on the property!)
Back to work... I have lots of things due here very soon!
I am up to my eyeballs getting the kits ready for the class that Kimber McGray and I are going to teach in a couple weeks at CKC Phoenix
with the Pageframes Clear Album. It's gonna be so much fun to see Tara and all again and spend some time with them!!! If you are going to be in Phoenix September 14-15th, come and see us!!! We will have a booth set up with all kinds of goodies and a make and take!!

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Corey W. said...

alright, now I'm waiting for your big news....don't keep me in suspense too long!