Thursday, September 6, 2007

So happy!

Last night was Morgans first basketball game. Now we weren't sure if he was going to be able to play... basically he is on a team with like 15 8th graders, and he is one of 3 6th graders. BUT HE PLAYED!!! He got to come in the 4th quarter and I was just giddy!! He did so well too... I know he will have more playing time in the future! So darn proud of him!
And would ya know it, I didn't take my camera.... I know bad mom!!! Sometimes it feels good though to just go and enjoy without looking behind a lense!

Funny story.... I had a huge box yesterday from Xyron and I was just giddy with all that was in it... and Makenna heard me on the phone telling whoever "Man I could have just kissed him when I saw him bring my box to the door!".... later that night she said "Mom I heard you say you were going to kiss that man"... I tried to explain that it was just an expression, she wouldn't hear it.. laughing telling me I'm only supposed to kiss daddy. I almost fell over laughing!!

Speaking of Makenna... she's got STREP!! Poor little thing has been home for 2 days cuddling with mommy! Just in time too *insert eye roll*, I am going out of town for a week next week and poof here comes strep in my house once again! When I left in May when mom was here, they whole herd got it, Morgan got it twice! So timing is just perfect for them to all get it again... good gracious talk about timing!!

Tomorrow Morgan has another game... this time I'm taking my camera!! So tomorrow won't be another "no photo post"......

Later gaters!!

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Lacintha said...

Lol....that 'kenna is a spitfire..wonder where she gets it from?
Sorry to hear the strep is making the rounds again..just go have a great time. See you when you get back :)