Friday, September 7, 2007

Do you Love Chipboard??

If you are a chipboard lover like myself... head over to Magistical Memories and get in on the action! Each month we have a contest and you can win some awesome chipboard!!!

This month the theme is Super Heros!!! Check out the details here! What's the prize??? UMMM... $50 bucks to shop and get all the Magistical you want!!! How's that for a hum-dinger!?!?

Well Morgans game was today but I didn't get there until it ended! GRRRR..... sometimes I wish I could clone myself!! Once the younger 4 got home from school, I had to run and pick up Buddy (the dog) from the vet clinic, then once I got home I was waiting for Jay to get home from work (he had to meet with the big wig and couldn't leave), he didn't get home in time to run the girls to dance, so off I go. Well by the time he got there and the time I am walking up to the game, I hear the damn buzzer!!! GRRR... so I missed the whole thing! :( Morgan didn't play in this game though, but I would have still liked to see the team!

Kenna is up and running today... back to herself!! Now I need to keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't spread around!!

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