Sunday, September 2, 2007

Relaxing Sunday!

Gotta love 'em!!

We all did our Sunday cleaning. I think the kids are finally starting to realize, it all goes much faster when they ALL help!! So the house is all clean... now laundry- that's another story! That crap is never ending... so tempting to let the herd just wear underwear unless we leave the house! LOL

We headed out to see Underdog today at the theater on base. Gotta love to be able to get the entire herd into the movies for $10... off base it would have been a house payment to get us all in!

This afternoon I got a lovely email for the MM Fabulous Friends book!!! Thanks so much Kitty and Wendy!


Corey W. said...

congrats on MM! and congrats on getting everyone to help clean...I wish that happened here! lol

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