Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yesterday was a GOOD day!

After I posted yesterday my MMM news... the day got even better!! I swear by 6pm I was floating on a cloud!!

I got 3 requests for Scrapbook Trends... and they haven't always been my biggest fan in the past.... I think though I just finally broke them down with submissions! LOL

Then I went to pick up my oldest from school. He has been in basketball tryouts all week. Let me start by saying we really weren't sure if he would make the team because the team isn't just for 6th graders but for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. And some of those 8th graders are big boys! The coach said in the beginning how height and weight would play a part and well Morgan isn't that big of a kid but he does have some mad skills!!!
Anywho.... I picked him up from school yesterday and he hopped in the van trying to act as if he didn't make it (but I saw the little smirk) and so I asked if he made it... HE DID!!! I was giddy... this by far was my best news of the day!! I'm so proud of this big guy!!!

He was on cloud nine too... he kept mumbling under his breath to himself "I can't believe I made it". We took the whole herd out to eat to celebrate!! I'm just so proud of my bug!!
Oh and I got my Pick of the Patch September kit the other day and I'm just starting to play with it... so beautiful!!!


Laura said...

Congrats Girl! That is some great news! and....congrats to your adorable...I mean(ahem) handsome son! My eighth grader would rather be called handsome than adorable!

Vicki C said...

SO happy for you girl!!!!

Anna Zalamea said...

Yay to Morgan!!! You must be a proud proud Mama! And huge congrats for being HM at MMM, now ST!!! I love your work - always so inspiring :)I'm so happy working with you at POTP! I can't wait to see your Sept layouts, girl!

Corey W. said...

big, FAT, congrats to you and Morgan!

Kristi said...

you are on fire woman!! congrats!