Monday, December 13, 2010

Under the Red Shirts...and band!

Last year I had asked the kids to go and grab a red shirt so I could take a few Christmas shots so I could send out a Christmas card.... (keep in mind... it was a great thought... but it never got sent.. I tend to suck like that... ha!)

Anywho... While I was taking the picture I looked down and decided to snap this shot too... I'm so glad I did! I love that I caught this snapshot of "them".... Mitchell all put together with jeans and tennis shoes. Madison with her sofee shorts, long socks and her crocs. Matthew with jeans and his shoes slipped on and untied. Morgan in his baggy basketball shorts, calf socks and untied shoes. makenna with her jeans and 'thrown on found them on the way out the door' flip flops.

This one shot really tells so much about their personalites at that moment... love that!

I used the Noel Mignon Bedford Falls kit for this layout... jump on over there and snatch you up one of these awesome kits!

and a close up of the banner...

This weekend was a FILLED one for sure!
(terrible pictures... forgot my camera at home and used my husbands... i think the lens was dirty or something.. no idea.. anywho... at least i got pictures! :)

Madison (with broken elbow) made 5th chair in region band and Mitchell made 7th chair!! ONE PROUD MOMMA here!! :) Madi is holding the flowers that I brought her and the ones that Grandle brought her as well... and we had a little balloon thing made up for Mitchell...
Well... that's all I've got for now...
Thanks for stopping by! :)


Anonymous said...

Kim, you have some gorgeous kids. Love, Jody

Debbi Tehrani said...

Awesome page, Kim! Love the curve at the top and the banner and the cool border at the bottom! Really beautiful work!