Friday, December 10, 2010

Jillibean Soup!!

First up is an update on my Madi.... we went to the ortho dr. and he is putting her in a cast for 3 weeks and we will go back in 10 days to see how things are healing... praying for a quick recovery!! He said "don't rule out gymnastics" (for tryouts in 10 weeks)... but I'm not sure I want her back on it by then... we will play it by ear!
Today is Region Band tryouts for both Madison and Mitchell... fingers crossed for the both of them!! Madison has been working with her cast trying to drum.. she is able to do it but it leaves her a bit sore after. She is determined to give it a go today... I"m anxious to hear how they do! IF they make it, tomorrow is an all day affair learning the music at the clinic and then performing a concert tomorrow nite as well.

This is a busy, busy, busy weekend!! Sigh... Morgan is in a tourney that started yesterday (they won their first game!! WOOT!)... today another game along with Madison and Mitchell tryouts... tomorrow I have to get Jay to the airport, Morgan another game and Madi and Mitch concert (keep it in mind these are all in way different towns! haha.. ).. Sunday is filled with church stuff and then the middle school band concert again for Madi and Mitch.... fun filled weekend for sure!! :)

Now for craftyness...
Today over on the Jillibean Soup Blog I did a tutorial for Quick and Easy Treat Bag Toppers.... check out the full tutorial on how to do these easy projects... these would be great for the kids to put together and give to classmates or their friends... and it's simple enough they can do it on their own!

Here's a glimpse.... head over to the blog for the full tutorial...

Now for some more Jillibean Soup goodness I've done this are a few of the projects

Here's a quick card using the new Christmas Chestnut Soup collection and the awesome new Unity/Jillibean Soup stamps!! I'm in love with these!!

Here's a layout that I did using the Jillibean Soup-  Atomic Soup collection.
I have so many pictures of these two together... somehow they have formed a bond together that is so very strong. This is my younger brother Jason (he's 18) and my oldest daughter Madison. When her Uncle Jason comes into town all else goes aside and they two of them just hang out! Love it!

and some close ups...

Well... I'm going back to the house and working on STILL going through and sorting and organizing things in the new place... I'm so in love with it and there is SO much potential to this property... I can't wait to just start living here!! :)

Have a great weekend!!
Thanks for stopping by! :)

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Kathy Martin said...

Seriously sweet page and projects! I adore those Jillibean snowmen! :)