Friday, August 21, 2009

Late Thursday Nite...

and I am UP!
My brother, sister, and mom are in town for the weekend and we are up late playing cards again... fun stuff!
This is the last weekend before school starts on Monday and trying to get the kids down early has been a chore... we have been so lax all summer... man I'm gonna miss that!
Here are some cards that recently were published in the July issue of CARDS... the first one was on the cover!~... so giddy about that one!! all dream street goodies!

Thanks for stopping by... it's 2am and I am off to bed! :)


Patti said...

Cards... I LOVE playing cards!!

Yes, I am going to miss the whole 'lax-ness' of summer too Kim.

Awesome cards ~ love them. Congrats on making the cover!

Lydia said...

Kim love the summer card, those ribbons look awesome

Michell said...

These are lovely cards...
The colors are stunning...
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