Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Mom I need to pee!"

This is what I heard from my 7 year old last night at church

thru the elevator door.
Him and another little gal got stuck in the church's new elevator for over half an hour last night. Oh man what a bit of a nerve racking time that was... we had to wait for the elevator people to get there for the key to open it... I just stood outside it and talked to them the whole time, they were real troopers for sure! I kept asking if they were ok and then after a bit I heard "Mom I need to pee!" (all I could think about was please Matthew don't pee in the corner of that new elevator!) lol... as soon as they got it open and I tried to hug him he bolted for the bathroom! Crisis over, moms heart is beating back to normal and he didn't seem too phased by it at all!
We are still feeling like turd around here, but I have to suck it up (really what choice do I have?... oh the life of a mom!) anywho... we have football and cheer tonight out of town so it will be another late night.
Here is a layout that I did for the Noel Mignon challenge blog, we were to scrap about college days and since I don't have any pictures here of me I did one more about Morgan's dreams for college. I used the Noel Mignon 'Core Curriculum' kit for this:

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Virginia said...

Oh my goodness, hysterical! I'm glad he was ok and no harm done. :)

Jana Eubank said...

That's quite the ordeal! LOL! Glad he got out okay and made it to the bathroom in time. Kudos to him for giving mom a hug first! Love this page! Love the notebook edge, the stars, and teh way you did the JB stickers inside the label rubons! AWESOME!!!

Diana said...

glad to hear that he is OK! your page is SUPER cute! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Star Rork said...

love the lo! What a funny son would have been in hysterics!

dstandard said...

Fabulous page and you didn't tell me about Matthew getting stuck in the elevator! OMG how funny ( well funny now that it's over!)