Monday, October 26, 2009

Kick it Up!

I was so excited to this this book in the mail the other day along with the three layouts I had published in there... I've scanned through the book and I can see that I am going to need more time to really drool over all the good stuff in there!
All of these layouts were layouts I did for a past MMM contest (which was obviously unsuccessful! lol)... but they remain a few of my favorite layouts so I'm excited to share them with you finally! :) Thank you Greta and Angelia for using them in your book!
(click on images to make them bigger and to read journaling)

The first layout is of my dad, oh how I miss him.... he died over 3 years ago and so this layout is just a special reminder of how wonderful he was to his grandbabies!

This one is about a trip I took with a few of my best girlfriends while we were stationed in Germany. We took a 3 road trip to Holland and had the best time!

and last but not least is a layout that just documents a bit of what it's like to be a military family.

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Jana Eubank said...

LOVE each and every one of these, Kim! I've heard FANTASTIC things about this book! Sounds like a must-have! :) said...

Awesome layouts! Now, I know why I've been so drawn to you....we're an AF family, too. I can so relate to your journaling in your military layout.

Anonymous said...

Came over here from Card of the week blog...Love your LO's! My son is AF in WY. So proud of him! I have to say my favorite is the one of your Dad, what a lovely memory page!.

Lisa Sturgill