Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rah! Rah! Rah!

Well we have been quiet busy around here lately! My oldest daughter decided last month that she wanted to tryout for middle school cheerleader. I would have never thought she would be so serious about it.. mainly because this is the same girl who for 3 years didn't want to do dance class because she had to get up in front of everyone at recital... flash forward to today.
She is serious.. she wants this... and she has worked her butt off for the past 3 weeks practicing. There is some tough competition for only 4 slots but already I have seen such a change in her and her confidence that if she doesn't make it this Friday she has already gained so much from the experience!
So we continue to run through the dance, the cheer, and the chant and jump! jump! and jump! She tries out for the judges Thursday afternoon afterschool and then the student body Friday morning and they find out Friday afternoon. I think I may be more nervous than she is at this point.. i think because she is really putting herself out there and going out on a limb (especially for her personality) that I want her to succeed!

So think happy thoughts for Madison!
(and if you read all of that babbling... bless you! lol)

Anywho.. before CHA I had won some fabulous Jillibean Soup goodies and I was finally able to put them to good use.. here are a couple projects to share. I tell ya... I LOVE THIS STUFF! Great colors, great patterns, and the sprouts.. YUM!


Thanks for stopping by!


Nicole said...

Good luck to your daughter! That age is always so hard and it's really great she is putting herself out there.

Love this layout Kim . . . you always make it look so easy!

Linda said...

I'll be thinking of Madison this afternoon! Postive thoughts...positive thoughts!!

LOVE the JBS!!! Your projects are perfection!