Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Muddin' !!!

Yes there is a group of kids in the Ranger under all that mud!! lol

Now this is my idea of a perfect weekend!!
I have a group of great friends that I have made since moving here... totally my kind of girls!

We like to get the families together and trail with the 4wheelers. We tend to trade off houses we go too... this past weekend after a week full of rain we headed to Jen's house to go muddin'.

...we had a blast!!!

Here are a couple pictures of the day! The kids favorite thing is to go riding in Jen's Ranger.

I just love this first picture.... they were spitting mud and covered and SO very happy!

Mitchell after coming off the Ranger...Kenna took one ride on the Ranger, got covered with mud and called it quits! (both her and Matthew did)Matthew had a blast sitting out on the boat in the middle of the small tank, attempting to row it in any direction at all! (many times they had to be "rescued"... ie: drug back to shore! LOL)Madison just about as soon as she put her hook in the water came up with a fish... I was totally impressed she held it for this photo! So many times during the day while everyone was going about their business I would catch Madison down by the tank with her pole in the water. She was just in heaven! This is redneck fun at it's finest I tell ya! The kids talked all the way home "mom, that was SO much fun... I can't wait to do it again!"
After this while the kids were playing shoes in the front, Jen and I took the Ranger out back and proceeded to knock down dead trees... oh the FUN!!! (you might have to trust me on this one... oh man we laughed so hard it was crazy!)
I am hoping to pick up a used 4wheeler this week so we can do it all again this weekend! ha!
I am downloading the "Donkey Basketball" (yes people actually playing basketball on donkeys) pictures for the next installment of redneck fun!
Have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by :)


Kristi said...

hey Kim! love those pics, the mud looks insanely fun!

don't forget about me, miss 'seeing' you!

Linda said...

LOVE all the pics!!
Can't wait to see them on a layout!!

dstandard said...

LOL this looks like so much fun!!!!

Thank god they clean up good right!