Thursday, February 12, 2009

I told him...

(Morgan that is)
that I posted his photo on my blog shaving... he said "you did mom?"... I said yep! and he didn't even cringe, I guess he's used my my antics!

I just got my hair done... new stripes! There is nothing like getting a new do... just feels good and uplifting! Here's a shot Morgan took as we were driving to one of the many things we do during the week!

I'm so excited to have my mom come up this weekend to visit, we always have so much fun when she comes... late night scrapping with her is always good! Although I tend not to get anything done and just talk (imagine that)... still lots of fun!

Here's a layout that was recently published in the Feb/Mar issue of BHG... it's totally one of my favorites! Matthew is always writing little love notes for me so I grabbed one and did a page with it and then added an envelope so that I can have a place to store them all.And here's one I did with the fabulous "Love Song" kit from Noel Mignon kit... YUM
I figure in the spirit of Valentines day coming up I'd scrap some pictures of Matthew from last year enjoying some goodies!And last just a quick card:


Following up on my New Years resolutions... I have been to Curves everyday since I started just minus the days the kids have been sick. I feel like a champion.. in my 15 visits I have lost 9.5 pounds (yeah the half counts damn it)... and 14.5 inches.. go me!! There is still so much to go but it's a slow but sure process! lol
I am trying to be more organized.... trying being the key word!

Alright... peace out.. I am off to the store to get Valentines for the kids for their parties tomorrow... I think I see a little photoshoot in our future!
Thanks for stopping by!


Nicole said...

Love the new hair do Kim:) Saw your layout in the issue and loved it! and HUGE congrats on the weight loss . . . yep that half pound counts for sure!

Summer Fullerton said...

So much to celebrate my friend so embrace each and every pound you shed !!!11

Ki said...

Your new haircut looks great! Beautiful!! Too funny that Morgan didn't flinch about you posting his pic on the blog! I saw your layout in SBE! Great work at Curves! I've only been going 3 days a week so haven't had the same success as you...I think I better go every day! I need some encouragement and some results cause I'm getting frustrated and my hunger issues don't seem to be subsiding!

Noel said...

Love the new "do"!! Looks great! And good for you to getting your grove on at Curves!! That's awesome! :)

dstandard said...

Loving your hair! Had so much fun scrapping up there with you. Glad I got something done anyway - lol!

Michelle Lanning said...

love the hair kim and love your work - awesome as always!

Lacintha said...

Go you, Bums!!!
You look sooooooper sexy with the new 'do.
That page with the love note is adorable...:)

chelemom said...

Your LO's and card are absolutely FABULOUS!!! Love the hair!

Lori Gentile said...

Hey you! I love the new hair! It's gorgeous. You've inspired me to go get stripes. Woo Hoo! It's almost Spring, right? OMG! Kim, your layouts are on fire these days! It's all eye-candy! I just wanted to say "hello". :)