Thursday, August 9, 2007

School Shopping

Well I went out and braved Old Navy to finish up school shopping for all the short ones. Whew... 5 kids for school do NOT amount to a cheap shopping trip! But I'm about done... might need some things here and there but we should be good, until it gets cold!
Hopefully the Gap and Old Navy online orders get here in time, they have backpacks in them!

I am totally stressing on the fact that my babies, the twins will start Kinder this year!? Where on earth does the time go? What if they need me, or need something? I know it's silly, the rest of the herd survived Kinder so I have no idea why I'm having such a hard time with the twins starting. Then there's Morgan starting middle school (that brings up a whole new set of worries)... I will be a blubbering mess next Tuesday!!

I'll leave ya with this beautiful shot of my daughter... for those of you that haven't seen her new haircut! She got it cut last month, she wanted a "big girl do"... so that's what we did! She got about 7 inches cut off! I love it!!


Laura Achilles said...

She's such a cutie Kim! Now go make some more cards :-)

quigley_mom said...

I love that picture of Madison. I wouldn't be worried about the twins starting school. I am sure they will be giving you a call later Tuesday or Wednesday to come up there to help out:)

Jules said...

I love the new haircut, she looks sooo grown up!!!! Great Photograph, looks like all our babies are not "babies" anymore!
xoxo- Jules