Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fun Happenings!

Matthew is a two wheel riding fool now!!! Jay took him out a couple days ago and gave him a single push and off he went. This kid is such a natural it's scary!
Now all he wants to do it bike ride. The moment he wakes up "mom can I go ride my bike now?", I have to remind him that he needs nourishment and some shorts first!
This is my favorite of him riding his bike, love it!! The picture of Madison putting on Matthews helmet warms my heart like you wouldn't believe!!

Oh and brace yourselves!!! My sweet oldest daughter Madison finally got the courage up to tackle the 2 wheeler!!! I am SO proud of her for facing her fears and just doing it! She told me "well mom I saw Matthew do it so I just knew I could do it too".


quigley_mom said...

OMG! You rock! You are the shiznit....I am totally amazed by your skills and ability.
Seriously though, these are great!
luv u

Kim Moreno said...

Kristi... you are an absolute nut.. and for anyone else reading comments... that's my sister being a regular smart ass! :)

quigley_mom said...

Yes, I am the little sis. I learned everything I know from you and dad....

Jules said...

She is so BRAVE!!!!!! What great and precious photographs to capture. You rock setting this blog up...go KIM!