Saturday, September 1, 2012

September GB!

Well we have survived the first week of school around here... Morgan is a junior, Madison a sophomore, Mitchell a freshman and the twins are in 5th grade now. Time seems to keep flying by at a pace way too fast for me! eek!
All five had great first weeks of school and seemed to go well for all! Mitchell played in his first high school football game and did well... Madison cheered at her first varsity pep rally and then "Friday Night Lights" football game last night! School has started off great so far! :)
It's a little late but here's a few shots of thier first day of school... (keep in mind I haven't edited these at all...just no time too lol)...


Are they not the cutest little turds!? lol
While the kids were busy making it through their first week of school I was busy making it through my first week at work... I am a Mulberry School teacher (2 yr olds) up at my church... it's a 2x part day preschool program.... first week went well! :)
Up next week is Madison and Alexis' pep rally.... it's ours to coordinate and completely decorate which brings on a huge level of stress! lol On top of that I've been working up at the local flower shop making mums for the upcoming homecoming game! It's a Texas thang! ;)
Okay now onto the crafty stuff! :)
Up today on the Gossamer Blue site is the Design Teams projects for the month of September! I was able to make a butt load of stuff so I will just share some today and then a few more in a couple days! I have to say as much as I made I STILL had loads left over!
Here are a few made with the September Gossamer Blue kit!
First up is a layout about the twins 10th bday party... I got a few shots with some of the girls that came... they are such a fun bunch!
Love that this kit was perfect for girls and boys! and teenage boys to boot! I just love these pictures of my oldest son.... he grew out this beard/stash all summer and when he had to finally shave it for school I have to say I actually miss it! so handsome! 

Here's another of my oldest son. This great group of friends is who he has been non stop with since the end of his sophomore year and all through the summer into this year. They are a great group of kids that provide all kinds of entertainment when they are together! LOL The girls would call this group the "Unified Unicorns".... the boys didn't appreciate that and instead just became "The Crew"... 2 have gone off to college this year but the group still remains close.
and then a quick card using the fun cardboard banners!
Check back in a few days and I will share the rest of my projects! (4 more layouts and 2 cards!)
Today the sneak peek of the new October Gossamer Blue kit goes up today as well... check out this goodness!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
Have a great day! :)


Jennifer Moore said...

Your pages are so wonderful! I, too, am a preschool teacher of 2-year-olds at a private 1/2 day preschool (Methodist Church here in Breckenridge). It's sometimes a little crazy, but always fun. This is my 4th year. We should bounce some curriculum ideas/projects off of each other! ;)

Vicki C said...

Kimmer... seriously.. those can not be your kids?? LOOK how they have GROWN! I'm blown away. Boy how time flies. I thought of you today and decided I better swing by and check out what's been going on with you. Your work is a beautiful as ever. I miss chatt'n with ya! Hope all is well for you!