Monday, March 14, 2011

New Noel Kit!

I just got my new Noel Delightfully Domestic kit  (sold out already!) in and couldn't wait to play!!! This kit has beautiful colors and FUN embellishments.... I did a quick 2 layouts and wanted to share one today!! This one went up over on the Noel Mignon Layouts/Inspiration Blog today...

Kenna is always wanting to have "classes"... will send out invitations and get supplies ready etc... so we attend and we make. Brandy and Jason were down this summer and got the privelage of attending of of these classes... this one being an Art Class!! Everyone moans and groans about doing it but once they get there (I say get there... meaning walking into the room and sitting down... hahaha) and gets busy has a great time gettin all crafty!!

Here's the layout:
and a close up...

Well we are on Spring Break around here.... and I use that term loosly! grrr....
Morgan had practice today, Madison appt tomorrow and Morgan a game... Wednesday we are doing Six Flags .. Thursday track practice (older three) and baseball practice for Morgan.... Friday game for Morgan and supposed to be track meet that weekend... sigh... seriously?
The upside... we get to hang around all day... do nothing when at home... and sleeping late!!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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