Monday, May 31, 2010

Something FUN is coming...

I'm so excited to be joining this team... for sure fun stuff coming your way! Check back on June 3rd for the reveal! yeah!!

We have been super busy around here with all the end of the year activities... but I am THRILLED to say that summer has begun for us!!!
We spent the weekend at the lake and just hanging out! I have some awesome lake pictures that I'm sure you will see coming up on layouts very soon!
It won't be all lazy though... the older three have summer workouts EVERY morning but Friday
JOY... not.
We have a full summer already with camps and workouts and such but I'm hoping to fill the off days with more lake trips, and Six Flags!

Here is a layout I did about my daughter Madison who will turn 13 here very shortly! sigh... she is so beautiful and it just blows my mind that she will be an official teenager. She is counting the day until she can wear makeup, I try to tell her she doesn't need it and to be happy she is so naturally beautiful but regardless she can't wait to wear it.... even though I know my Mads and she will be careful with it.
Everything here is Jillibean Soup:

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great Memorial Day... we will spend the day at a friends swimming and bbq'ing!
Please keep in mind today all of the solidiers that are not with their families today and those that have fallen to give us all the freedoms we do have!
God Bless!


Kathy Martin said...

Fabulous page! LOVE the design! :)

dstandard said...

Fabulous page - there's my little beauty!