Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

This was our official Christmas card for this year.... we took several good shots but this one really was more US! :)

and just to prove my kids can take a good shot ;)

And this one I love because it just says so much about each of them right now... on the left is Mitchell with jeans and a tshirt, Madison with her crazy long socks, Matthew with his shoes untied or tucked in laces, Morgan with his "homey" shorts and long black socks, and casual Kenna in jeans and flip flops.... LOVE IT! I have to say I had the kids just go get red shirts on for pictures and so I thought I would take a picture "below the red shirts"... (SO gonna name my layout that!)

and then this one just because I thought it was cute!

After getting the twins to get a cute shot I thought I'd try with the older turds... this is what I get.. hehe

Last week we had our Christmas pageant up at the church and I love these pictures of the twins...
First up is Kenna... this girl is made for the stage! haha! No shame for her, she loved it!

Matthew on the other hand would have rather been anywhere else but up there in front of all... this was him the whole time. He would read his passage an and then cross his arms...

and look bored...

Here are a couple Christmas projects I have done for the "Santas Workshop" over at Noel Mignon!
First is an old Maya Road coaster set that I decorated the top:

Then this VERY simple Christmas ornament. Simply cut 4 strips of patterned paper and punch along the sides and lay out in a star sort of pattern and adhere. Then bring them all up and adhere at the top, add decorative goodies at the top and wa-la!

Now for some Dream Street.... a layout I did using the "Merry and Bright" collection with some fun photos of the Christmas traditions we do each year. I have been wanting to do this one for awhile.

Here is another card I did for my Guest Designer gig over at Jen DelMuro's blogspot!

Alright, thanks for stopping by!!
Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


Melanie said...

Merry Christmas Kim!!! I love the family photos!!

Star Rork said...

lol, cute pictures!

Anonymous said...


dstandard said...

Love those picture s- each is just how they are. Love those from the Christmas Program - Matthew - whew!Loving the cards and projects!

Linda Beeson said...

What totally fun photos! LOVE to see the "clowns" in action! And, yum on your creations too.

Tracy said...

the shots of your kids are great! happy new year.