Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bingo Bango!!

What did I tell ya?
It took a little longer than what I thought...


the keys of course!! The kids were moving a chair (that I DID look under) and there they were! Madison comes running in with them over her head all excited! ha! I really did look under that chair, the only thing I can figure is that they had fallen in the chair and once moved they fell to the ground.

that's my story and I'm stickin' to it... damn it I did look there.

Up next is some CPS cards... first one is the #145 sketch using the Soup Staples from Jillibean Soup and the fabulous Core'dinations cardstock... we were sponsored by Clear and Simple stamps (those are tree stamps I just sort of colored and made into more birthday sort of kind of themed, ha!)

and the 2nd one is using the #146 sketch and my favorite Jillibean Soup line- Grandma's Christmas Soup collection.

For anyone keeping score... the tree is UP
(it's just not decorated)
I got snookered into going back in town for the varsity girls/boys basketball game last night, which is basically social hour or two for the kids... that's ok they were great games and I had a bit of adult talk time myself.
So Thursday night I think it will be, unless we get home early enough from church tonight.

Thanks for stopping by!


chelemom said...

Both of these are super cute!!!

connie said...

love both cards! I KNEW you would find your keys!

Charlene said...

My grandkids came over and I can't find my TV remote!! lol!!

Beautiful cards!