Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween goodness!

We went out trick or treating on Saturday night instead of Friday night this year... Friday night was spent at the big Eastland/Cisco football game instead! (gotta love small towns!)

The boys were Ninja's...

Makenna was Hannah Montana of course!

And Madison was Minnie Mouse...

Morgan... well Morgan is just way too cool to dress up ;)
It ain't pretty but they loved making it! I picked up one of these Haunted House making kits at WalMart and the kids had a blast putting it together. I'm not sure if more candy was eaten or put on the house! Either way...I think it turned out cute!

What to do on a Saturday when there are no games to go to, and nothing else to do during the day?
Masking tape roads of course!!

Thank goodness for my daycare days I tell ya!
The kids were thrilled to pull out the hot wheel cars and go to town on this little ditty I whipped up using my handy dandy masking tape! (notice the parking lots too! ;) )
Anywho... that's all for us... I'll be back to share more projects soon... been a bit on a card making kick lately trying to find the mojo for the layouts!


Ki said...

Oh they all look adorable!!!
Masking tape roads? I've never heard of that - how clever!!

roadkill said...

SO you wait until Robby is five-and-a-half years old to share the masking tape road trick? Dude. When we met it should've been, "Hi, I'm Kim, do you know about masking tape roads?". What other tricks do you have up your sleeve? Don't tell me YOU sew fabulous poodle skirts too?

Karan said...

looks like they all had an awesome time...great photos