Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Projects to share!

Yeah I pretty much suck at keeping up with this blog, I know I know.
Here are some fun Core'dination projects I did this month to share.

Other than that... we are finishing up football season here. This weekend is the big game against the towns rival.... so it should be fun! Get this.... we will trick or treat on SATURDAY due to the game on Friday.... they are concerned with traffic for the little ones! love that!
The girls started dance classes this week, so that add three more nights of traveling all over to our weeks! Basketball season is next and Morgan will play for the school and Mitchell for the city... then I need to find Matthew something to do also! So basically I will probably never be home and will just be providing a taxi service to the short ones! That's alright, that's my job right? *sigh*
Peace out homies! :)


Ki said...

Lovely creations Kim!

Summer Fullerton said...

You rock the Coredinations like no one else I know - Excellent work my friend ... now keep on updating :)