Monday, November 17, 2008

Check it out!

Over at the Dream Street Blog we are featuring different collections each month! This month we are featuring Mairzy Doats, Cookies -n- Cream, and Mod Posy.... go and check out what the design team did with these collections, you'll be amazed!!! Here was mine with the Cookies -n- Cream line!

I'm still playing with my kit until the next 2 arrive... I'll have a couple more to show in a couple days...
This do it yourself stuff is for the birds I swear it!
I signed the girls up for dance classes finally since moving here and they are now full on boogie students M, T, and W... I thought that would be safe enough since Morgans (football) games were usually on Thursdays and I was hoping that basketball games would follow suit.
Ha... go on laugh...
nope! They are on Mondays! grrrr
Tonight was the first game... so right after the girls were done at dance at 5pm (granted I picked them up directly from school) and then go straight to Morgans game which is over an hour away... I arrive JUST as the game is ending... I was so disappointed! I know I can't physically be in 2 places at once, but I just hate missing games. Makes me feel like a shitty parent... even though I know it's impossible to be two places at the same time, it still sucks!
I have to say though I am SO proud of Morgan for making the A team!! Go Mo!!
More later...

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