Monday, May 19, 2008

Change of Plans...

Things have changed a bit here in the Moreno household.
Most of you know that we have property in Texas on the lake, well it turns out that my uncle will not be able to live on the property as planned until my sister and I are able to make the move there ourselves.
So... what does that mean you ask? (or maybe you didn't ask, but I'll tell ya anyways! LOL)
My sister and I will be moving out there this summer with our kids until the menfolk can follow behind. The property can't sit on it's own out there, it needs someone living on it especially with 2 houses on the property currently, so off Kristi and I go on this adventure. (neither one of us are comfortable with only one of us making the move, so we vowed to do it together if it came to this)

I told the kids last night, sigh... they weren't happy campers. But for the most part, they had a moment and are now getting excited about it. Morgan (the oldest) will have the hardest time, but loves the property so I'm sure it will pass quickly.

I am as excited and nervous about our new adventure. Nervous about being out there on our own, but excited to be living on the property!

Just as I get this blogging thing rolling again, here comes another wrench! We probably won't be making the final move until mid summer, but the packing etc... will start here soon. So.. just FYI if I am not around as much, don't call in the troops or anything!!

Today though... I scrap... I will try to get ahead on some things so taking the time off won't throw too much of a kink in things.

Have a great day all!!


Kimberly said...

HOW EXCITING!!!! This is going to be so great for all of you for sure! I know how much you love this place too Kim! This just made me smile to read. Although the packing is NOT so fun!!!
Love you!

Lori Gentile said...

I'm so excited for you, Kim! A lake house sounds lovely! It's sounds like such a fun adventure. I'm sure the kids will be very happy once you've settled in. Good luck with the packing. Do the kitchen first and get that one out of the way. Hee!

Kelly said...

Sounds like an adventure indeed! Love your new header, too- your hair looks great lighter!!

Leslie Ashe said...

HELLO pretty lady!!
Oh my gosh your header is SO CUTE!!!!! I LOVE your hair!

SOOOOOO you're going to be my Texas neighbor!! YAY!!!!

Just wanted to say HI!

Ki said...

WOW - quite the adventure indeed! This is such a huge move! I'm sure everything is going to work out just fine!