Monday, January 7, 2008

He's NINE!

Where does the time go?
My middle little man turned 9 this past weekend, and he is over the moon!! This now means he can go to the youth center dances (like his older sibs), and do the lock in's (like his older sibs), and participate in 4H Shooting (like his older sibs)..... see a pattern? He was SO tired of everything being "when you turn nine you'll be able to do that"..... well no longer big guy!! Happy Birthday!!
Here's a shot of the new NINE year old:Notice the black eye? yeah he got that at his first basketball practice, right in time to go back to school!!

Speaking of back to school... ALL the kids started back today! Man the house was quite too, they were all happy to go back and see their friends but unhappy to let the Wii go for the whole day! LOL

I think the stomach virus has finally passed... we are officially 4 days puke free.

I have been on a mojo kick lately! I have finished up my Homegrown Hybrid kit layouts.... will share soon! Got a start on the Winter Survival Kit, finished up my layout for the February Busy Bee article, finished ALL the paperwork for Kimber and her book and got that off today, and have one more layout for the SCT article.... ROCK STAR I tell ya!!! LOL



Summer said...

Look at you updating your blog again WHOOHOOO Happy Birthday to your little man.

Linda said...

What a cute picture of Mitchell! Happy NINTH!!!

I am so envious of your productivity but can't wait to turn in into inspiration to get my own butt into gear.

Lacintha said...

Rock Star indeed!!!
Rock on baby!!! :)

Karan said...

you are certainly a ROCK STAR in my books!!!cant wait to see Kimbers book....congrats to you chickie!!

debbie said...

Congrats Mitch on turning 9! And you rock girl - share with me!

Corey said...

what a handsome man you have. He looks so mature in that photo...heart melting!