Thursday, January 3, 2008

Good Gracious!!!

Does it ever end??

I thought because yesterday we had a puke free day we were in the clear.

Not so much.

My Matthew totally cracks me up! We got home and were sitting down for lunch and he was complaining his tummy hurt... so I get the bowl. Yes I said the bowl.... that's how we do it here with the whole household puking. It saves me from cleaning all over this place. Seriously we have 4 bowls right now spread all over the house in "just in case" spots. Anywho... he gets the look and starts... we head to the bathroom with bowl, he does his deed and gets a drink, wipes up.... walks back to the table and eats his lunch like nothing even happened!! What a total trooper he is!!

Keep your fingers crossed that we are done... they go back to school on Monday and need to be over this darn virus!! I think I might let the kids bath in Lysol! LOL *totally kidding*

I'm working my booty off for an article that I am just over the moon to be asked to write for Scrapbook and Cards Today... I just love those gals over there!

I got my Survival Kit in the mail today from Homegrown Scrapbooks.... and OH MY WORD that sucker is HUGE... I am in scrap heaven!! I just now need to get some things off my plate so I can play!!

Now lookie there... that's TWO posts in one week!!


~Nancy~ said...

Hey there girlie! First of all: Happy new year to you and your family!! Biiiig congrats on being asked to write for scrapbook & cards today.. how awesome is THAT! WOOW! SO excited for you!! (and love your new banner!!) Have a great day!!! XOXO

Summer said...

Sounds like the sickies ran thru your house for the entire Christmas break - everyone is all healthy just in time to go back to school. Your article is going to be wonderful and I know you will rock the Homegrown kit. smoochies babe

Corey said...

holy cow you've been blog happy!!! hope the kids are really on the mend...the bug hit here and I know it's not fun with 2 kids...5 must be miserable!!!

Karan said...

lookie you, two in one sweet is this to come here and see you posting...oh we had the bug here boys were real good about it...never missed once ( yet anyway) still have one recovering...hoping you and yours are feeling better real soon!