Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Brace Yourself....


I know for all 3 of you out there that read my blog, yes I am finally posting! Yes unicornlvr... I'm updating! ;)

Things have been crazy around here, with all the hoopla leading up to the holidays this poor blog was the last thing to get my love!

Guess what's on my New years list to do?
Yep... blog more! (we'll see how that one goes)

We had a great Christmas!! We got the kids.. I mean err... Santa brought the kids a Wii... and OH MY WORD we are in heaven!! I will have the strongest right arm in Tucson before long from playing that sucker! I'll post pics here soon of us playing, we love it! Seriously the best toy we have got for the kids in a long time!!

A little catch up... before the kids got out of school for Winter break my poor Mitchell started getting sick and missed a whole week of school. It took a bit for the dr. to finally come to the conclusion that he had Mono!! oh my... poor little guy ran a fever for a solid 7 days and kept getting lumps that would come up on his neck (lymph nodes) and was just totally pooped! The first test was negative (taken too soon) and then a week later we did it again and it came back positive. Finally get him back to school... kid you not he got like 3 days before school got out. Then Kenna started getting sick... having asthma troubles. She has not had trouble in almost THREE years... then right before Christmas poof! trouble. That finally cleared up.... then guess what?

The stomach bug.

And the stomach bug in my house is SO not fun!

So... the entire Christmas vacation (they go back on the 7th, out since the 21st) we have had someone in the house throwing up, it has spread through everyone BUT ME!!! Yep so far my super mom skills are paying off!

On top of all this I've been super busy with projects and meeting deadlines and working up at my new local scrap store!
And speaking of.... I have my first class up there on January 19th, I'm teaching a Family themed Clear Album... and that sucker SOLD OUT!!! I am excited and nervous all at the same time!!!
I already have my next class on the books for Feb. 2nd!! I'll get photos up on here soon!

Here are a couple layouts that I did for the Homegrown Scrapbooks December kit:

Well I'm off for now... I promise to be better... well at least I hope too! ;)


unicornlvr said...

OH YAY! Love the update!

I sure hope the kids get well soon. It's been too long! :( Poor kiddos!

I adore those layouts!! Each one is totally rockin'! You did wonders with that kit!

Okay, you know I'll be here holding you to your promise to blog more. I'm watching you!! ;)

Summer said...

Those are some KILLER layouts - you really rocked that kit.

I am going to hold you to updating this sucker ;)


Patti said...

Awww, sorry everyone has been so sick ~ especially during the holidays. Here's to hoping everyone is on the mend!

Great layouts!! Congrats on your class! That is great.

Yup, I keep checking wondering what the heck happened to you. I'm glad to see you blogging again Kim!

Happy New Year!

~Ki~ said...

Hey you're posting! Yippee! Happy New Year sis. Sorry to hear the flu bug etc has been running thru your house... hope you all get better very soon! Five kids, flu etc., ewwww!!!

Karan said...

so nice to see you posting again chickie!!! Love these layouts you did...and so sorry to hear that you have had the bug in your home...seemed to be most everywhere this holiday season...

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