Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter/ Birthday/ Confirmation/ and scrap!

So many things I wanna share today!! Grab a snack and read on... (or just skip down to the craftiness ;)

On Easter Sunday my oldest three were confirmed at our church... First United Methodist... such a proud day and I shed some tears but mostly just so proud. I love how they are involved in the church and were excited to become members!
 (Seth, Madison, Mitchell, Samuel, and Morgan) 
The day was spent taking pictures of the kids... I would use the word photoshoot... but I don't want to give the wrong impression that I actually know what I'm doing... hahaha... so I um.. took some great pictures of some great kids! ;)
You'll be seeing tons of them on upcoming layouts... here is a group shot of the short ones...

then....I'm a bit late in posting this.... but May 1st was Makenna and Matthews NINTH birthday..

It just doesn't even seem possible that these two sweet babies are nine years old.. they will be going into the fourth grade next year and it all just seems to be happening way too fast!

Here's sweet Makenna...
she is:
currently kicking bootay in softball...
is definately my athletic girl... is pretty good at most sports she tries
drives me nuts...(said with love)
talks constantly
sings everything at the top of her lungs (and in just ONE tone I might add)
mostly A's sometimes a B student
pushes buttons like no other of her siblings
has the KINDEST heart and is always making me things and writing me notes
sensitive, but also tough as nails
beautiful inside, and out!
is loved...

then there's the youngest Matthew (by 7 minutes...)

He is...
SO very stinkin' handsome... just ask all the girls in his grade ;)
so very natually athletic...
Mostly Straight A student... occasional B
very competitive, doesn't like to lose
still a huge momma's boy and under my arm is still a fave place of his
currently back into Pokemon games... all.the.time.
very imaginative
can throw a hissy fit like no other. :)
works very hard to be "cool"
easily embarassed
is loved...

now onto the craftiness...
Just wanted to jump on and share a layout I did with the Noel Mignon Jump and Jive kit... I just love how versatile this kit is! seriously! I have done a Mothers Day layout, an everyday layout (below) and a layout about Tombstone Arizona... woop! Gotta love that and I still have tons of kit left and have so many more ideas still!  :)

This is a layout of my oldest daughter... this is Madisons nightly ritual.. each night her or her bf (of well over a year now) call each other on the phone and she goes and finds a place to curl up and talk and share the day... i love that in the convenience of texting they are choosing to catch up on their days on the phone!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


jessica_haley555 said...

I love love love this layout!!! Beautiful details.

dstandard said...

Love the fabulous pictures and great details of the twins. The layout is awesome as always! Love you! What happened to the side bars?

Linda Harrison said...

I can't believe they are 9! Seriously? They were just 5 last year weren't they? ;)