Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Gotta love it when the internet goes in and out...grrr.
Onto my lovely story... .this has been one heck of a Christmas break for us at the Moreno household!!
First up:
An intruder on the property! yep...

My sister called around midnight saying she was out on the porch and heard a man just outside her house singing.. yikes! So she goes inside to get the gun and then tells me she hears him right outside her door (keep in mind we live out on almost 50 acres of property... so out in the sticks)... so by this time I'm freakin' out a bit. I left the kids with my other sister and drive over to my sisters house honking all the way... not sure what the honking was going to do but scare him maybe, so that was my big plan... by the time I get there she said she has fired a few shots off to scare him and saw him walking away towards the state park that is next to our property.
I was just scared shitless by this point.. I think if I didn't have the kids to protect etc that it wouldn't get me so scared but still. uugh!
We went out the next day to look for signs of someone squatting on the property etc... with no luck. So hopefully we scared off whoever was trespassing on the property!!

2 Days before Christmas the Wii breaks!!!
Santa brought the kids the new Rock Band and several Wii games of course. I was so upset, I mean I knows it's out of our hands but I was just so upset about it!

We are outside playing around Christmas Eve and we hear a huge bang then like a rumbling sound that lasted several seconds up by the highway. We all looked at each other like WTH, then just went on our way.... out here you hear gunshots quite often. Then we heard the sirens and thought oh crap! My nephew was out walking the dogs and said that it looked like the cops were up by the property by the freeway... so I hop in the car to go on up and check it out. Sure enough some lady fell asleep and came up on a feed trailor going around 70 mph and hit it, rolled the feed trailor and she went down a ravine and took out a part of the fence. (the NEW fence that is barely a year old!!!) The cop wasn't sure if she was telling the truth about her insurance and such... oh the good news! grr!! lol

So it's been an exciting one that's for sure!!

Other than that we had a great Christmas, the kids despite the Wii are in heaven with all their goodies! The older ones got new air pistols/rifles and slingshots. Gparents got them a new trampoline so they pretty much live outside lately, yeah! It's been fun for sure!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your families and I wish you all a very Happy New Year!
We are hanging out tonight with the kids... will pop some bubbly with the short ones and play games with a snacky kind of dinner (the best!).
Hopefully I can update soon with some Christmas pictures and layouts!
My best to you all!


Karan said...

gosh you have had some excitement...that would freak me out too, if someone was on my porch...we got our boys rockband and other games, they are loving it, im sure you will too,

wonderful wishes for the new year!

dstandard said...

Had to remind them both this isn't the wild wild west and they needed to call 911 instead of taking off with guns!!! We so enjoyed our visit up there - good to have most of the kids together for Christmas again!