Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Cards!

I have just a drive by posting today.... I am up to my eyeballs in little Christmas goodies trying to get them ready for the kids classmates, I'll share one when I'm done... way cute!
We finally got the tree up yesterday... good gracious! Jay is the one that usually done it each year (for a reason too!) I have no patience whatsoever to sit and fiddle with the lights and such. Well it turned out we had 2 sections of the tree that were out... so I just added more lights and called it finished! The kids are happy with it, that's what matters. I am hoping to get the rest of the house decorated and try to get myself into the Christmas spirit a bit more!
My life and weekdays have become that much more stressful with the addition of Madison and Mitchell playing basketball... add 2 more nights of running (and one of those nights already is filled).. so once again I will need to split myself in 2 somehow to make it happen! I can do it.. just put on my cape and poof! all is right! (haha.. if only).
Here are one set of Christmas cards that went up on the Dream Street Blog that I did... I have another set coming up too!
I used the Everyday Celebrations line for this card set. It's not your traditional Christmas paper but by using bits and pieces of the collection, I love the way they turned out!

Off to try to get more things done!!! This month will probably be filled with drive by postings/sharing! lol


Summer Fullerton said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these cards sweetie the embossing is really wonderful :) xo xo xo

Linda Beeson said...

Oh how I love that big snowflake! Wonderful creations!!!

dstandard said...

Gorgeous cards!