Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quick Catch Up...

I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off lately it seems but here's a quick rundown...

This sweet little thing came into our lives about 2 weeks before school started. My oldest daughter has been wanting a kitten for the longest time and dh just didn't want any part of it. Well... I figure since I am out here and dh is in Tucson right now that we'd get a kitten!! You see I justified it with it will help control the mice out here in the country ;)
Anywho.. isn't she the cutest ever! The kids named her Oreo.
We are in love.

In other news Matthew had hand surgery last Wednesday. I swear we don't have just 'normal' injuries around here, when we do shit we go all the way! LOL
He fell up at the school the Thursday before the first day. He came up with blood all over, so we go into the ER. The clean all kinds of glass and grass out of it, the dr decided not to stitch it up and says it will heal in about a week and to keep it wrapped. So we follow up with our regular dr. in a week and she wants us to see a plastic surgeon. Well good gracious he wants to do surgery. It was a large skin flap that was just not healing and scar tissue was building up underneath. So surgery was done (he was put fully under) and all is better now... we go in about a week and get all the stitches taken out.

Here's a pic of the little trooper with his hand all wrapped up.

Besides all that it seems all we are doing is coming home from school, doing homework, running to football practice/games, and baths, reading and bed... then getting up and starting all over again.
Peace out homeys! (hehe)


Corey said...

first of all - when did he grow up? wow, no more baby face! so sad! lol

cute cat - Hailee wants one but dh is allergic so not happening here.

sorry about Matthew's surgery but sounds like it was for the best!

oh - and thanks for updating lately - I like having something new to read!!!

Summer Fullerton said...

ohhh Oreo is soooo CUTE - such a great photo sweetie.