Monday, August 12, 2013

Big Picture Class Giveaway!!!

Are you interested in winning a free BPS class? My friend Angie has sent me a certificate to give away to a lucky winner who comments here on my blog! I have a good handful of followers but not many that comment... so NOW is your time to come out of the box and leave a comment for this wonderful class! ;) *giggle*
I'll keep the giveaway open for a week and will draw a lucky winner next Monday (August 19th) and post winner here on my blog!
 Be sure to leave a comment why you would love this class and you will be entered to win! I love all of Angie's little details on her layouts for Gossamer Blue so I can only imagine what goodies she has in store with this class!
SimplyPlayful Accents, Easy embellishing ideas for scrapbook layouts
taught by Angie Gutshall

Class Description
Would you like to add a bit of fun and whimsy to your layouts? What if you could do it in a way that was not only fun and playful, but also simple! In Simply Playful Accents, instructor Angie Gutshall will share more than 20 ideas for using items in your supply stash to add a little bit of pizazz to your layouts.
You'll receive 20 emails with before-and-after images, each showing how just adding a little accent here and there can take your layouts from blah to beautiful! You'll also receive four bonus emails with additional ideas and inspiration. Angie even shares her layout-creating process in a fun video tutorial! 
Read rest of description here
SO.... leave your comment for your chance to win! Good luck! :)
Thanks for stopping by!


Michelle said...

I would really love to take this class, I'm always looking for new fun ways to embellish!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

dstandard said...

Would love to have a chance at this class - looks like fun and always interested in new and inventive ways to use my embellishments!

Miriam Prantner said...

Sounds like a great class! I love Angie's style! Tanks for the chance to win!

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