Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March GBProjects!

Hi all! Life is as usual busy around these parts!
We are finally done with high school basketball and Morgan has moved on to track season and baseball season... yes they run together so to say he is whooped at night would be an understatement!
Mitchell and Madison have also started track season... we had our first (I say "our" Haha... let's be honest.. this girl isn't running anything! lol)... All three of the older ones run long distance (They got that from their daddy for sure... momma was a sprinter! lol)... Morgan and Mitchell both did very well! Morgan took 2nd in the 2mile and 3rd in the mile running varsity and Mitchell took first in the 2 mile and 3rd in the mile... running excellent times too! Madison is having quad problems so I just won't post her place here... lol
Good news again... Madison made VARSITY cheer again for next year... so excited to have those tryouts behind us again this year... so stressful to say the least!
The twins are just as busy with Makenna playing on a travel basketball team and just now moving into softball season (where I help coach)... and Matthew has moved into the all star basketball season and is picking up soccer again with a traveling team...

and if you have read through all that... bless you. :)

Now onto the good stuff! My March Gossamer Blue projects!!

First up is a page I did of the older two heading out to a New Years party... I Loved these pictures of the kids and wanted to incorporate that fun fringe in the Color Kit... but wasn't quite sure how... I love how this turned out though... so fun and festive! :)

This one might be my favorite for the month... maybe it's just the theme behind it though! lol... Madisons boyfriend had been texting me the whole week of Valentines to help him with ideas for her... and then he asked me to help with ask her to prom for this year. I was of course happy to help! He dropped over 250 tea light candles at my work and asked if I would spell out "prom?" in my driveway so when he brought her home from their Valentines date he could walk her down the hill to see it all lit up... keep in mind we live out in the sticks so it was pitch black besides the words "prom?"... as i lit the last candles and was walking in the house I heard Madison literally *gasp*... made it all worth it... he did a great job... and of course she said YES! :)
The journaling is in the pull out tab next to the title.

up next are some of my favorite pictures i have taken of the twins... i just wanted to put together a fun layout to document them! :)

and lastly a layout of my youngest son Matthew... this is his little group of friends... and they always give each other grief over something of another... today just happened to Matthews day and they were all giving him a hard time about always crossing his arms in pictures... and decided to mimic him! lol

I JUST recieved my April GB kit... I seriously don't know how Lori does it each month putting together this huge bunch of goodness... if you aren't signed up to recieve monthly kits yet...
seriously... I promise you won't regret it!
Thanks for stopping by!

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