Monday, October 17, 2011

some sharing...

Thought I'd jump in real quick and share some projects I've done lately... :)

First up are a few that I have done for PSA Essentials...

First up is my oldest son Morgan... this is him running track last year... he was the only freshman that was brought up to run Varsity track this year... he runs long distance... for sure something he gets from his dad because I was always a sprinter! LOl

Next is just a sweet layout about Makenna and her little friend Kendall... this was from last summer when the older three went on their mission trip and the twins each brought a friend and we went bowling. I tell ya I would rather take a group of teens than this age... they are SO funny and the girls and boys are always trying to outdo themselves and totally be "cool" around each other... they kept me on my toes for sure!

Then here are some CPS cards I always seem to forget to upload! LOL

Thanks for stopping by! :)


dstandard said...

Totally awesome pages as always kiddo and love the cards! Even as your Mom I'm always your idol!

Elisabeth said...

Great layouts about your kids. It captures some really special moments and the way you scrap them is stunning. Love your cards as well!

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