Friday, April 10, 2009

So happy to be back!!

Oh I am so happy to be back!!

New York is BUSY, go go go.... I realize I like my slow small town life a LOT!

I had such a blast in NY!!!
Where do I start!?! We saw the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island (oh I was in heaven, I love reading all about that kind of stuff).. it's amazing what people did/do to get into this country! We saw the Empire State Building, Ground Zero (wow!!), Times Square, ate the BEST pizza ever and in some of the yummiest restuaurants! We saw lots of good stuff!

The best I have to say though is just hanging out with this girl:
We are in Central Park for this picture just hanging out, her daughter (whom I consider my niece) took this picture of us just being us, love that!
I took 884 pictures so it will take me quite some time to get through them all... I can't wait to scrap them, I have layouts just running through my head!

On the home front.

I think Jay got a good dose of my everyday. His dad came to visit for a bit while I was gone and asked Jay "wow, do you do this all this time, this is amazing".... he said "No, but Kim does!".


While I was gone Madi developed a absess (spelling?) in her cheek from where it was hit and got stuck in all the metal in her mouth. Her cheek swole up huge and Jay took her into the doctor and she ended up having mouth surgery the day before I came home. She currently has a tube in there to help it drain, we go back on Monday. Poor baby, she is in lots of pain!

The morning before I come back Jay also gets a call that he needs to pick up Makenna from school she is running a fever and throat hurts... oh the joys!
The minute I heard the kids were sick I was ready to leave New York!
Anywho... nothing too exciting scrap wise to share... I have the urge to create though, plan to tonight so hopefully I can share this week!
We are off tomorrow to celebrate Easter while Jay is here (he leaves out on Sunday morning), we will do a egg hunt in town then out to Jens for dinner and fun!
Have a wonderful Easter everyone, I'll be back Monday! :)

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dstandard said...

Poor Jay - reality makes him appreciate you more! Can't wait to see all the pictures! And SOOO jealous - but not as jealous as your baby sister!